Pc Discord Servers

Inclusive server filled with friendly people :) We're a very tight knit community too and we have vcs where we game together daily. Most of us here are gamers and we play on PC and PS4. There are a handful of female gamers in this server too :D We also have various channels for NSFW, anime,memes,etc
Ark Survival evloved discord server. Active Admins.
This is a communty that is for people who like DOOM, or just anyone who wants to join and chat with people. We are official partners with the RedCord server, owned by lexmark66#0575 and Redwings10531#4689.
Hey everyone! We’re a small server looking for friendly people to join and play games with. Along with this, we are constantly looking for others to work together to gain followings on Twitch! Come on in and say hi!
Welcome to Lunaris! This is a calm server intended to bring people together who want to enjoy the fruits of life, together. There are: 24/7 Moderation Music Bots Self Roles (under construction) Check us out, see how you feel :)
(Dawn Sanctum) is a community server. It contains multiple categories for multiple uses, the current goal is to expand. In the future, we hope to host events, do events for charity, and we also intend on working publicly. What that means, is we're going to become associates with others in hopes of working with them, an example would be music production. -We roles are given when you level up. -Music bot, and game bots. -Chats for all your needs. -Helpful Admins.
The official Discord server for Guilded.gg. The Guilded Discord Server features channels for finding Fortnite scrims on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, as well as scrims and LFG for League of Legends, R6 Siege, Overwatch, Destiny 2 and more. If you're looking for a team or just want a place to talk about gaming, join our server. For more info on our Fortnite scrims, visit https://www.guilded.gg/Fortnite/scrims
UGAME gaming community.
Hello! Welcome to the HPG gaming and lifestyle commmunity! Rules here are simple, be nice and have fun! Common games played together are Overwatch and League of Legends, with random other multis here and there. Gated NSFW.
Hello there! We are the Gamer Family. Here are our offerings for you: - A great community - Memes and shitposting - Channels for uwu/owo mass spamming - doggos and nekos - Frequent updates on free Steam games - Custom and animated emojis - Music production channels (Producer-only. DM the owner for role) And much more! So make sure you join us, so you won't miss all the fun! >w<
We are a community of PC gamers! Feel free to join !