Pets Discord Servers

welcome to nekocake! hi there! we're a small chill and friendly community, where everyone can talk, have fun, chill and do many more! ❀ if you find any kind of toxic people, feel free to DM and report! ♡ what we have: ➳ friendly peeps ➳ tons of cute animals ➳ animuu (=´∇`=) ➳ custom emotes ➳ bots! we're a new server! feel free to join us~ (´・ω・`)
This is Towelie and Cocoa's personal discord server. If you are a friend of Towelie, a fan of Cocoa, or just like parrots in general, you are welcome here. If you're none of the above, you are still welcome! There's games and memes and all kinds of fun stuff! Cocoa is my 8 year old African Grey Parrot, she's a rescue and I love her more than anything in my life.
• Low moderation (3 rules). • Activeness. • Colorful roles that come with how active you are. • Global emote list. • Relevant meme talk. • Bots to tend to all your needs. what more could you ask for?
A server for anyone with an appreciation for birds. Whether you're a bird watcher, keeper, artist, researcher or just think they're neat, The Roost has a spot for everyone. 300+ members. Founded 2016. Regular community events.
Insert best description (IDK) If you want to join my server (That's cool) This server has a bit of Anime, Food, Gaming, Movies, Streamers, Memes Just a place to hangout and have fun. Mee6 will give you a message, read it When you join, type !join
Pet World is a server dedicated to talking about pets. We welcome every critter, whether they have 100 legs or none. Every age 13+ is welcome.
**** Herptile Harbor is an animal keepers Discord group. Specifically for scaly children such as reptiles and herptiles. ***** #ABOUT US If you keep herptiles or reptiles, are interested in them, need animal help, or just want to see how the hobby works, this is the place to be. We feature a comprehensive channel breakdown, user-applied roles, and well defined categories.
We're a pets & animals community! Post pictures of your fur babies, find adoption listings, lost/found, ask questions - Anything pet related!
If you like rats! Join this! Make sure to join the game Virturatz!
Refulgente is a very new, very small community oriented server. We offer many different chats and categories, for example, Art, Anime, Music, Training, and more coming! I’m hoping to create a friendly/fun atmosphere for the server, bringing people with simalar intrests together. Though the rules aren’t quite there yet use your common sense, if anything is done with malicious intent or I deem you bad for the server you will be kicked or banned. Thanks!
Blush aims to be a fun and safe space for littles and pets, caregivers and owners. 🌸 #little-kingdom, #pet-kennel, and more for all your little roleplay needs ~ 🌸 NSFW channels hidden away behind age verification (18+) ~ 🌸 Events (Movies, Games, Roleplays) ~ 🌸 Self assignable roles ~ 🌸 Pokecord, Nekobot, Nadeko ~ Come join us! You won't regret it <3
Galaxy Gang is a 16+ art based server, focused on helping upcoming artists become popular