Pg 13 Discord Servers

Hello! This is a server where you can just chill and have fun! This is a pg13 server though, so there is no nsfw content.
-━─┉┈◈◉◈┈┉─━- ✦ Welcome to New Terra, Traveler! ✦ Many millennia ago, There waged a war between the Aegeilis and the Daeveilis that left the earth marred and deformed. The land was not without it's beauty, however. A small handful of the two warring species came into union with each other and thus the Imperfects were created and from them: the races that walk the realms of New Terra today. Will you aid the Karr Warlord Tarogore in his quest? Will you join or even start a rebellion of your own against him? Perhaps you might consider being a neutral party! -━─┉┈◈◉◈┈┉─━- ✦ An active member base! ✦ Choose from 50+ races and magics! ✦ Choose from a variety of mounts, languages, factions, and religions! ✦ Explore a vast number of countries and regions within the New Terran continent! ✦ Various rare tomes to be found around the world! ✦ Enjoy a general rp while you wait! ✦ Music and meme channels! ✦ Fun and mature staff! -━─┉┈◈◉◈┈┉─━- We are a newly opened roleplay server and are still building extra bonus materials such as quests and a main story plot (See above 'Tarogore') and would love to hear how our community would like to see us grow! Keep in mind that this is a somewhat mature community involved in an action roleplay. While there is no NSFW content in terms of pornography, there is a likelihood of encountering blood and gore described in text while in roleplay. -━─┉┈◈◉◈┈┉─━-
🔱 Teen Kingdom 🔱 ============================ Owner: 👑 @5H0PlaysYT#3733 We Offer 💬 Nice Chats. 💰 💵 💎 Economy. 🎮 🕹 Game Channels. 🤖 Bots. 🛡 🛠 Applications. Soon Well Offer 🏆 🎉 🎟 Giveaways. ⚔ Roleplay. 🖌 🎨 Art Channels. ============================
This is a Roleplay server based from "X-Men Mutants"
Server Name: Oddities Owner: Armakai#2397 Description: Oddities is a place for chatting and just hanging out. We have: -Partnerships -Pokecord -Staff positions open (Must apply, be active, and stay in server) More to come