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A Percy Jackson inspired server. We offer the chance for any ordinary "mortal" to discover their Godly parent and begin their life as Demigod residing at Camp Half-Blood. So if you wish to escape your "mundane, average, and boring" life, come into the universe we offer! There is new lore that diverges from the books so you and anyone else can be apart of the story as main characters. We also offer more than just the twelve main Greek Gods and Goddesses and have powers reimagined. So, come to join us and live out as the demigod you've always been! Whether it's relaxing or saving the world, we excitingly are waiting for you to join us on this quest!
We are a server dedicated to the author Rick Riordan. We have almost every category by him. -Magnus Chase -Percy Jackson And Kane chronicles! So come to Riordanverse and enjoy yourself. We offer many things like a place to RP, Book series categories and many more!
Come join us in hotel Valhalla! Where you can come and die every day!
You've survived your trials with Lupa. Now what? Welcome to Camp Jupiter, one of the only two safe havens of demigods! Here, you can begin your legion training. Your two praetors, Reyna Ramírez-Arellano and Frank Zhang, will do their best to make this an exciting experience! (Note: The RP is set after the end of Heroes of Olympus. Trials of Apollo does not occur here. :0 )
Based off of the popular series by Ricky Riordan, the Percy Jackson series, is this somewhat futuristic roleplay. The year is 2118 and the Greek and Roman demigods now thrive in a combined community beneath a dome hidden in an island off the Gulf of Mexico. The live in peace, but that peace won't last forever.
Welcome, Demigods, Heroes, and Campers, to your safe haven, Camp Half-Blood! We offer a dynamic plot line, friendly staff, challenges, and events! We host CTF or a similar event every two weeks unless there is a Quest running. We are always improving, and open to just about everything. The server is LGBTQ+ friendly, and accept characters of all types, as long as it fits into the Camp! (Note: We only allow Greek characters. Kids from other Mythologies will not be accepted.)
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, a place were demigods, satyrs, and nymphs can stay and not worry about monsters the second Titan war ended five years ago and the primordials have awoken to bring forth their own children but one has awoke not for peace but for destruction. As you can see this is a Percy Jackson roleplay server it takes place five years after PJO and HoO didn't happen because of reasons and if you are actively roleplaying for two weeks you can be a demi-primordial if you're actively roleplaying for one week you can be a demi-titan.
Come join us and rp in Hogwarts, Camp Half-Blood, or both!
hi! this is my friends Percy Jackson Based server come join if you like pjo or greek mythology!!! For a RolePlay Server, ask Megara or go into the Labyrinth! everyone is very nice and respecting there are lessons on Greek mythology You can just chat if u want to in the mess hall LGBTQ+ safe space You will not be banned due to any race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability!
Any demigods out there? Fans of Percy Jackson? Well here is a server for you! Come join us - we have a range of different things to enjoy including: • A range of different text and voice channels • Topics to suit everyone’s liking • 20 different cabins for you to join • Many different God Bots from Greek mythology • Friendly people and a safe, supportive staff team Come join us for all of the above and more! Enjoy : D ~ from the directors at Camp Half-Blood
After centuries of complicated marriage, Hera and Zeus are finally divorcing. The Gods are split, and so are their children. Tensions are high in Camp Half Blood as their parents duke it out up on Mount Olympus.
Percy Jackson roleplay server! . RP bot to battle one another and go on adventures . Ranking system . 20 cabins . Plenty of godly parents to choose from . Capture the flag events . Canoe racing . Java edition Minecraft server 1.13 Hope to see you there! ~