Playstation Discord Servers

A multi-platform community that strives to have fun online and to avoid drama!
A server where you can be who you want, when you want. A place of safe haven for those who want a down to earth gaming experience and to make close friends. With games like Fortnite, Overwatch, Minecraft, and much much more as the server goes through updates as the server gets larger. With dedicated text and voice chats, you and some friends will embark on a journey of a lifetime, meeting new people, making a lot of friends, and creating memories that will last forever. I hope you have fun in The Server That Never Was and I'll see you on our open discussions!
Thanks for stopping by the Cross Atlantic Gaming Discord! This Discord is aimed to be a place where like minded gamers can get together to talk about everything and anything. It's also the best place to stay up to date with Cross Atlantic Gaming podcast news and announcements! Make sure to tell your friends about us 馃憣 Below are some useful links for anyone wondering what we're all about 馃憤 The podcast can be found here Feel free to support the show Pickup some CAG Merch Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Come watch the Stream Team
A FPS PvP server made to bring players together with similar games. This server includes: 馃憠Destiny, Halo 馃憠Overwatch, Doom 馃憠Call of Duty, Titanfall 馃憠Counter strike, Battlefield 馃憠And Rainbow Six. Join to connect with other players to play online
Chat about games and find some like-minded gamers to play with! Small server, looking for members to help us grow. We have categories for all sorts of gaming discussions, including a general area, tech support, tabletop, consoles, PC and streaming. Note: It had a name change from Shaggy's Gaming to Furia Gaming.
If you need a server to hang with friends, family or even more come check us out, We provide positive environments for those type of people looking to sit down with and chill, If you need help with the server or anything of that sort come in and DM our Owner's or Mod's if any are avail.
The YoshiRoll Gaming server is a server (obviously) meant for everything gaming! Features: Lots of neat emojis, chat channels for console gaming, PC gaming, and more! We also plan on having special events!
A fresh server for all gamers! We boast a plethora of channels to cater to each individual- and an levelling system!
The server is built to have fun. We have game console chats and meme chats
Attempt to bring two major communities of anime and video games together. Also attempting to bring out interesting niches of both communities.
Join us if you like to play video games lol. We are trying to grow our community. All are welcome !!