Pokecord Discord Servers

Welcome to Team Meme! We're a small Pokecord and meme based server for those who enjoy the two. We offer: -Pokecord -Pokemon battles -Gyms -Pokemon art -Memes -Memes 18+ -Spam channels -Bot games and much more to come! We also have a ton of meme emojis to use!! We welcome weebs and edgelords so come join us!
A fun, welcoming server with Pokecord and Pokeverse! Experienced owners and and a good staff, we're excited to welcome you to the lair! Some of our fun stuff includes... A RP category and fun folks who love RP! Elite four! Gyms! A challenge realm- get a challenge and in return a special gift!
[ENG/ESP/PORT] Servidor brasileiro para pokecord. Eventos, ginásios, elite e novos cargos. New server for pokecord, with gyms, elite four, events, self assignable roles, color roles, spam for pokemon and more.
This is a small Discord community with Steven universe fans who come to have a good time, we are very small but hopefully that changes xD
We have one NSFW channel and include the fallowing bots MEE6 Pokecord Senpai (NSFW bot) Yggdrasil (the --userphone bot)
This is a Fairy Tail game being made for Roblox. Join and support the community!!
♡Welcome To JNC♡ If you love Nightcore, Anime, Music, Roleplay, Giveaways or Events, then this server is for you!~ ♡ JNC stands for Jess's NightCore, she grows her community and youtube channel every day~ she has this discord server helped by her lovely staff! Come join the fun and you won't regret it! ~ From Everyone At JNC ♡
We have anime, pokecord, and gaming. Join and enjoy your stay.
Welcome To the Heavenly Homestead. We are just a small server wanting to meet new people and want regulars :D not large numbers. We have memes, pokecord, music bots, staff apps, custom roles and role colors, and many more! Please enjoy your stay!
Welcome to the star, look at quotes, rp, or meet a nice person(s). We offer... Pokecord Roleplay Some NSFW options Hangout Space and much more, so join please... Im kinda lonely
Its a brand new server so everything's pretty much empty. Just a heads up. A brand new mixed community of anime/manga/webcomics, and pokemon :D (Main games, pokecord, pokeverse) We are a growing community :D Some of the things you can expect from this server are; • Anime / Manga talk • cringepost :DD • Pokemaaanss and discussionss • Suggesting emotes :D • Some other fun bots owo