Pokecord Discord Servers

Hello, this is a server known as Duskia. What do we have here? ▪Clean chats! (And NSFW channels for those of you who are uh... well you get it.) 😄 ▪Bots! (Pokécord, Tatsumaki, Mantaro, and several more!) 🤖 ▪Music channels, where you may listen to music at peace! 🎧 ▪Giveaways! 🎉 ▪Partnerships! 🤝 So come on down to Duskia!
Hello! We are a new, friendly, social and hopefully growing server. Our server includes Pokecord (our GOD!) and giveaways but not limited to: we have many other bots too. We also include gyms, some roles that you can pick and we accept partners! Join us for a whirpool of fun! Our bots are: -Pokécord -Beheeyem -Mundae -ShadowLugia -Mantaro -Dank Memer -UnbelivaBoat -Pancake (music) -Server configuration bots Can't wait to see you there!
Kaneki's Den is an anime discord server with various anime text channels consisting of different animes e.g. Tokyo-Ghoul, naruto, dragon ball, bleach etc.. We are a place to sit back and relax, we have various bots including a bot specialized just for music as well as Akinator and more to come in the future. We are an anime discord server with various anime text channels, music, entertainment, a range of bots including pokecord, Yui and more. Our server's features: self-assignable roles Big array of bots (Including Music, Pokecord etc) Many anime sections Memes :P NSFW section RP section VC And others.
We are a nice little community that is looking to grow a little! We provide multiple #roleplay channels,. We also have multiple different bots to make your experience a little more exciting! Make sure to check out the #NSFW section, with the NSFW role! Join today!
The ES艾Elite Squad welcomes you to the Official Discord Server of ELITE PUBG community. Here you can Chill with us, Enter the battlefield with some new buddies, Enjoy music, Play games with Dank Memer, Nadeko, Pokecord, Owo and many more, we also have level roles with specific powers. Found by Leaders ES艾Maxtern and ES艾KingAnBru, a Huge and Respected community based on the popular game PUBG MOBILE where we host custom rooms daily in the evening. And we promise,You won't find a better serve than this.. ;) COME AND JOIN US!!!
Welcome to PokeSpace We are a great Pokemon server!! We offer many things so make sure to stick around Examples x Pokecord x Pokespace x Giveaways x Daycare Services x Dank Memes x Gyms and so much more!!! We have an amazing community full of Pokemon fans and an amazing stuff team that is here to help if you have problems.
Welcome to Pokémon Sky Frontier! A safe and friendly community that focuses on Pokécord! We have: ►Active and friendly staff ►A lot of great giveaways ►Many fun events with HUGE rewards (with up to 5 events a day!) ►Gyms to test your skills ►And Much More! ►We giveaway up to 50k credits in a single day! We hope You Enjoy It Here At Pokémon Sky Frontier, And Good Luck!
gem: **__Welcome to A Random Place__** :Dog_Wave: :ablobwave: Here's SanicLOL1231#4169's ~~shitty~~ Awesome Server! WE ARE: :Hyper_desk_tap: :Hyper_desk_tap: :Hyper_desk_tap: :Hyper_desk_tap: :Hyper_desk_tap: ~~Gay Shit!~~ **A RANDOM PLACE** (Arp) :Sad_Pat: **I know you guys need 1 thing in life rn... you need a good discord server** `Well todays your lucky day! Join A Random Place (A random server focusing on Games, Pokécord, Pokéverse, Anime, and many other stuff!` **__Server Info__** **-> Active Server -> Good and Trusted Staff -> Fully Built Server -> Fun Bots to Play With -> Partnering Places ->Gyms + More!** **__ What We Have __** :video_game: **Gaming** :video_game: - Over here we play many games that you may like! :ANIME: **Anime** :ANIME: - In this server we have many weebs and we love anime! :Deku_Hype: **Amazing Emojis** :Deku_Hype: - We have all sorts of amazing emojis that you might like to use if you have nitro! :JS: **Scripting** :JS: - Sanic and narutoboi can help you with discord bot scripting! :gem: **Fun Bots** :gem: - We have plenty of fun bots that you can play with! :Hyper_TADA: **Giveaways** :Hyper_TADA: - Here we do many giveaways! :musical_note: **MUSIC** :musical_note: - We have many musical bots for you guys to listen to! :heavy_plus_sign: **+ MORE** :heavy_plus_sign: - We have much more waiting for you just join today!!! FYI. WE ARE OVER 9000!!! **@everyone JOIN US TODAY AT https://discord.gg/tMCUwGQ** P.S. Shhhh We are actually ₗₑₛₛ ₜₕₑₙ ₉₀₀₀ .
We are Team Shadow a server with pokecord and many other bots! We have Pokecord Events, Free daycare, Tournaments, Huge Giveaways! Auctions, Well Managed Gyms! and much much more! Are you darksiders or light side? Join up and decide! Help your selected side dominate the battle field in the ongoing race for bragging rights and fun! Join a totally non-toxic community and have fun with all of us!
Welcome to TheIlluminati Server We host Pokecord and Pokeverse Giveaways We Have An Upcoming Game Event That Has Some Good Prizes
Hai peoples! If you're looking for a place to chill, chat and catch pokes, then check it out! ^~^ P.s. if you don't join I will find you and your family and... nvm
This server is a WIP of mine for anyone needing a friend to talk to this is the server. We always enjoy new members to our community and to grow as one