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Welcome to TheIlluminati Server We host Pokecord and Pokeverse Giveaways We Have An Upcoming Game Event That Has Some Good Prizes
A fun, welcoming server with Pokecord and Pokeverse! Experienced owners and and a good staff, we're excited to welcome you to the lair! Some of our fun stuff includes... A RP category and fun folks who love RP! Elite four! Gyms! A challenge realm- get a challenge and in return a special gift!
Its a brand new server so everything's pretty much empty. Just a heads up. A brand new mixed community of anime/manga/webcomics, and pokemon :D (Main games, pokecord, pokeverse) We are a growing community :D Some of the things you can expect from this server are; • Anime / Manga talk • cringepost :DD • Pokemaaanss and discussionss • Suggesting emotes :D • Some other fun bots owo
Join today Always active Fresh and new Wanting good strong members We daycare We chat AND WE MURDER 😂
WELCOME TO HIGH CLASS POKÉCORD You want a server where you can find friends, catch pokemon and play exciting pokemon fights? 💎JOIN US NOW!💎 Our features: 👑 18 Gyms 👑 👑 E4 👑 👑 Champion 👑 👑 tournaments with great prizes 👑 👑 the best community 👑 👑 battle tower 👑 👑 frequent giveaways 👑 👑 helpfull staff 👑 👑 daycare 👑 👑 pokemoin, varubot, ... 👑 👑💎👑 OUR INVITE SPECIAL: YOU WILL GET EVERY 20TH INVITE A GIFT! 👑💎👑 Our invite link: https://discord.gg/E4x5uPM Our banner: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/464417837558267911/492797521962467329/HCPbanner.png
(This is an RP/ERP server) We're a Pokémon-based server for all things Pokémon. Fire, Water, Grass, Electric Whatever type of Pokémon you prefer, we won’t disgrace you for it. Also, we accept anyone We are a Pokémon Roleplay server called (Pokémon Paradise), a friendly and cheerful roleplay server of Pokémon lovers who enjoy chatting, battle, and train and do a variety of things together. We also have a Western Roleplay with Pokemon as well. What we offer is - A Friendly Server -NSFW Roleplays (Dm Officers and Owner for Questions) - Bots (Such as Pokecord, Dyno, Kanna, Pokeverse, Mee6, Toasty, and many more!!!) -Gym Roleplays -Gym Leaders needed -Special Roles -Trainer Battles -NSFW Bots (Please Dm an Officer or Owner) -Active Owner and Officers -ERP Roleplays -Custom Houses for Characters -Pokeverse and Pokecord -Rp Gym battling -Fakemon/Pokemon Rps as well -Custom Character Creations -Pokemon Creations -NSFW room (Please Dm an Officer or Owner) -Partner Servers (has a couple of them but is always looking for more) -Western Roleplay/ERP
We are some extremely happy trainers! Come join in the fun! What do we have? 1. Pokebots, pokebots, pokebots galore! (Actually there are only 3 but shhh) 2. Interesting channels! 3. Active community and admins! (sorta) 4. Talk about pokemon, or chill with the other server members here at POKÉSERVER
A world of Otakus Pokécord channels Pokémoin channels Bots Adventure Anime bots as Mantaro
Charizard's Kingdom? Let's hear about it! Let's just give you a sum of what we have: -=Bots=- -Pokecord -Welcomer -Yggdrasil -MEE6 -AppBot -Dyno -YAGPBD.xyz -GiveawayBot -=Staff=- Owner - "Lord Charizard" Co-Owner - "Mega Charizard X & Y" Admins - "Charizard" Moderators - "Charmeleon" Substaff - "Charmander" -=Giveaways=- -Pokémon Giveaways -Credits giveaways -Role Giveaways -=Gyms=- EVERY TYPE! And we are looking for gym leaders as of now! Check out #》applications《 ! -=Want to get hired or become a staff?=- Head over to #》applications《 and fill out the following! ~~Thanks for reading this, and have a wonderful time in {server.name}
Welcome to The Forbidden Land, where many Discord RPG games can be found, We offer many features, including { Pokecord } { IdleRPG } { Pokeverse } And many bots that you can use to grind for pokemons, such as OwO bot, dungeonRPG bot, tatsumaki,... 🤖 We will do many pokecord or pokeverse giveaways as well 🎉 Come to us, your participation will be admired 👏 “Being called Forbidden Land doesn’t mean it’s impossible to explore, but it’s waiting for determined adventurers to discover its mysteries.”
New and upcoming server! Friendly members and staff, looking for new members and people to just talk and mess around with. Chill place to mess around with the pokecord bot and more. -Gyms/Badges -Giveaways -Music Bot -Trading -Elite Four -Pokeverse
Hello! We are a new pokemon server around wanting to grow. This is a server i wanted to make. I want us to be able to grow and help out other servers someday grow too! We want to be friendly and active and we can only do that if you join! We are mainly a Pokecord and Pokeverse(moin) server but you can just hang around if you dont like them bots ^w^ Hope to see you around!!!!