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This is a new RP server, it's got a school, a town full of places to enjoy, and many spots to get your freak on~ If you want to have fun this is the place to be!
When you were born you were born like any other person. From a male, and a female human. You went to normal schools. Lived normal lives. Took texts, failed classes, missed days, road the bus, ate pizza, and stayed up until three in the morning. And then you turned 16. Oh, sweet 16 as everyone likes to call it. But was it sweet? Was it really? Lightning, striking down from the sky, onto someone, onto you. Blue. Red. Green. Yellow. One of those particular colors of lightning, struck you just as you turned 16, down to the second. It wasn't painful. It wasn't bone breaking. It filled you with energy, a strange energy. An abnormal energy. And these were called the infected. Not all of you of course, were struck by this lightning on you're sweet sixteen. Many lucky, or maybe not so lucky, boys and girls were not chosen to be infected. They were chose to be normal, like everyone else, forever. Of course, now you are different.
Hello people, this server is a friendly server created by: Alisan and ToxicLordStar (co-owner of the server), the server is based on a highschool named Shadow Peak Highschool, the highschool is located in a city on a mountain named Shadow Peak, after entering the server you will have to create your character in the characters category in order to play the rp, after creating the character you will have to tag one of the admins/owners and go to one of their offices and answer some questions about your character, after finishing this part, you will have full access to every channel related to rp.
┈ - ┈ ┈ ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟ ┈ ┈ - ┈ *Welcome to Ansarian Academy where 2000 years after the war of Ansaria, which surprisingly ended quickly, the community has become one of the most advanced civilizations in the known universe. Darkness and still lingers the area and most heroes from back then have fallen, retired... even died. So students are now here to become the next heroes to continue the fight. Megami watches over the students with a smile while Yami still makes more monsters to harm the universe that Megami has created... so was this war really over? Or was it just the beginning? The answer... you’ll find out soon enough young ones...* ┈ - ┈ ┈ ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟ ┈ ┈ - ┈ We provide... •**Great Staff!** •**65 RP Channels!** •**Every Channel for Every Topic!** •**LGBTQ Friendly!** ┈ - ┈ ┈ ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟ ┈ ┈ - ┈ And Soon to be added... •**Fun Bots!** •**A great community!** ***Come join Ansarian Academy! Do it so we can grow and we can all have a fun time!*** ┈ - ┈ ┈ ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟ ┈ ┈ - ┈
Welcome to Camp New Moon! This is a roleplay server about a camp, and the campers can have up to two magical powers. Come make friends, roleplay, and enjoy our other channels we have just for fun, like Pokecord, Music Bots, and various other channels for you to enjoy. Lore: In year 3003, the first of the new-age humans were born, being granted a power that started the chemical reaction in all around and changed our very DNA. At first the changes seemed subtle, some being able to float while other could teleport a short distance. Decades later, however, the changes became more drastic and more powerful abilities arised. In order to contain these powerful beings, many schools were formed world-wide to guide and train the young minds, shaping them into responsible members who use their powers for good, rather than for evil. Now, those past students are our leaders and a new form of training was created to give lenience to those who couldn't withstand the harshness of those academies. Welcome to the first of many year-round training camps, Camp New Moon.
Welcome to the newly re-done PowerPlay! • We have great staff, and friendly members • We have nsfw • We will be hosting an event bi-weekly • We have a huge variety of Roleplay channels, including almost all of the United States, and several other countries • We have world wide news that people can contribute to • We have an art channel • We have a suggestion channel, and a feedback channel -=- We hope to see you there! -=-
Welcome to Camp Serrano! Out here in the snowy region, our goal is to make a secluded safe place for children and teens who are in the supernatural category. Camp Serrano is a supernatural roleplaying server with a few talkative channels. Make yourself at home! Roleplay, make new friends, and have fun! :)
One day, many cats ended up here, and they sometimes disappear. no cat knows how or why. Many of them were imbued with or had odd powers when they came here. This became a cat paradise, and many too this time to, well, enjoy themselves. yes, these are ferals, not anthro.
Life is normal… Nothing special happens. It’s just a normal day in life. Everyone’s happy, everyone’s getting what they want, it’s the best it could ever be. However, a strange affliction begins to harm people of all sorts. It appears to be genetics, but even people who had parents without it, were getting it. No one understood what was going on, and things were about to snap.
In a world driven to near extinction of humans by an all powerful alien race the humans called "Reapers", the remaining bits and pieces of humanity colonized the world, using its enemy's leftover tech to advance faster than ever before, and furthermore nearly effortlessly. The government became quick to discover some humans had evolved along with their technology. Alien radiation reshaping the DNA of humans altering any forms of the body that it found compatible. The governments were very quick to exploit this newfound resource keeping them in confinement, and experimenting with their abilities. Though, even with all the power and training, will these powered individuals be able to defeat their death dealing enemies, or will these efforts prove to be all in vain.
Welcome to Cosmic Academy! This is a group that utilizes in literate RP, while containing many special powers that you get to choose from to fill your wildest fantasies!
Since anyone can remember there hasn't been Stars in the sky, stories and paintings depict that once there were a long time ago. This was before Angels who fell from Heaven came to the land, before the Stars fell from the sky and before the Curse began.These people were Raised as weapons from Birth to Fight the Angels and then to safe guard the world What happens when your keepers of peace no longer want peace, seeing as they were raised for war and created for that purpose alone They grew Restless and began to turn on one another for humans and morals were too easy prey. Thus a Civil war was sparked between the Bearers of the Curse and a battle unlike any other the world would have seen would soon come to fruition