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Welcome to the group. Where a world of magic awaits you and your friend. There many things you can do Fight Monster, Go on Mission, Train to be stronger, do events, or just relax in the Hotsprings. It's up to you. here is a Character sheet for the server
This is an Ever Adter High AU, where—instead of Apple and Raven being the main characters, we have OCs. Maia Hearts—daugher of the Queen of Hearts, and Melanie Song—daughter of Ursula are put into a tight situation when Legacy day comes around.
`『❁ Welcome to Little Angels ❁ 』` Little Angels is a 14+ server for littles, caregivers, mommies, daddies, and anyone part of the DDLG/CGL community. We welcome everyone. Your race, sexuality, and even your kinks will never be judged here. We welcome everyone. What we offer: ❁ Over 50 different channels to play in! ❁ Channels for everyone - littles, daddies and mommies, pets, and more! ❁ Self-assignable roles, with some personality roles too! ❁ Frequent events, like movie night, karaoke, and Cards Against Humanity (which is always super duper fun)! ❁ Many different bots, some of which are really cute! ❁ A lot of different people to meet and become friends with! ❁ Dating channels, separated by age, as well as channels to post what you're looking for! ❁ Many different channels to share media, like drawings and memes! If that's what may interest you, and if you wanna come make some new friends and maybe even find a little/dom, come play with us! ❁ Permanent Link: