Programming Discord Servers

A gaming Discord server with dedicated channels for any games such as survival,fps,mmo,simulation,strategy,fighting,moba,rpg. trying to get a feedback? or just wanna showcase your own arts! A server for artist, designers, illustrators, programmers. with self-role. Currently looking for members. This server contains giveaway, fun bots, radio, music, friendly members, good entertainment, leveling perks, global emotes. join the fun!
Elysium is a discord server oriented around programming and security. Due to these topics sometimes things can stray to unethical or even dark areas. Please keep in mind this server is not at all oriented nor made to be kid friendly. By joining and staying in this server you acknoledge that and won't get butthurt. That being said, we are a public community, and we will stay that way. Do not and I repeat do not, bug staff for stupid reasons such as someone talking about hacking. We are not fully white hat and never will be due to hacking and pentesting in general being overall a gray area. We are heavily focused on these areas and if you are uncomfortable with it, for one last warning, please leave.
Join Everything Hub! A server for everyone to talk about absolutely anything they want!!! This is what we offer: 🤖 Tons of bots to help enhance the experience! 🗣 Multiple channels for you to chat about quite literary anything that's on your mind! 👮‍♂ Super friendly and helpful staff! 👙 NSFW channels for you to share all the porn and hentai that you want! 🤬 Mature language allowed! 👊 A super comfortable & friendly community! 🎮 Every possible gaming genre that you can imagine! 🎧 Various music channels! 💻 Channels for programmers! 🎭 Self-assignable roles for you to add more personality to your profile! 💰 A monetary system/economy! 🎖 Level up ranks! 📝 Custom Roles are available, too!
We basically talk about computers and memes 24/7. We have events including CTF events. No script kiddies please.
This server is great for those who are looking for hackers to work with ,beginning and looking for teachers ,and friendship.
Noface was a server originally made just for programmers and devs but now its a open community to anyone. We make discord bots, unity based games, and pretty much anything. Currently the main admin is building a game called Realm Of Noface and looking for more people to join in on the project. So come visit us and join in on the discussion!
A Discord guild for finding people with the same interests you have!
Hi, This is my lounge. It's pretty bland, but I plan to change that if the userbase becomes bigger and I receive more input on suggestions. We do not allow NSFW.
Servidor brasileiro sobre para programação, não importa se você já programa há algum tempo ou nunca leu um código na vida. O objetivo do servidor é ser o mais permissivo o possível. Você não precisa de regras para não ser um babaca.
Caffeine && Code is a community-driven Discord server about programming. We support a multitude of different languages including Assembly, C++, Haskell, JavaScript and Swift.
Come join the fun!!! Anything programming/computer related, we'll talk/try to help if we can!
Quia et Civium (Latin for "for the people") is a server dedicated and proudful of freedom of speech and helping users thrive. We have channels for anything one could want, including anime, gaming, writing, memes, programming, art, linguistics, science, movies, comic books, music, and much more! We also have public channels and designated channels for your uploads or work, should you request it. We are also attempting to expand, to have social media accounts, news, and websites. So, come on in, have a blast!