Random Discord Servers

gem: **__Welcome to A Random Place__** :Dog_Wave: :ablobwave: Here's SanicLOL1231#4169's ~~shitty~~ Awesome Server! WE ARE: :Hyper_desk_tap: :Hyper_desk_tap: :Hyper_desk_tap: :Hyper_desk_tap: :Hyper_desk_tap: ~~Gay Shit!~~ **A RANDOM PLACE** (Arp) :Sad_Pat: **I know you guys need 1 thing in life rn... you need a good discord server** `Well todays your lucky day! Join A Random Place (A random server focusing on Games, Pokécord, Pokéverse, Anime, and many other stuff!` **__Server Info__** **-> Active Server -> Good and Trusted Staff -> Fully Built Server -> Fun Bots to Play With -> Partnering Places ->Gyms + More!** **__ What We Have __** :video_game: **Gaming** :video_game: - Over here we play many games that you may like! :ANIME: **Anime** :ANIME: - In this server we have many weebs and we love anime! :Deku_Hype: **Amazing Emojis** :Deku_Hype: - We have all sorts of amazing emojis that you might like to use if you have nitro! :JS: **Scripting** :JS: - Sanic and narutoboi can help you with discord bot scripting! :gem: **Fun Bots** :gem: - We have plenty of fun bots that you can play with! :Hyper_TADA: **Giveaways** :Hyper_TADA: - Here we do many giveaways! :musical_note: **MUSIC** :musical_note: - We have many musical bots for you guys to listen to! :heavy_plus_sign: **+ MORE** :heavy_plus_sign: - We have much more waiting for you just join today!!! FYI. WE ARE OVER 9000!!! **@everyone JOIN US TODAY AT https://discord.gg/tMCUwGQ** P.S. Shhhh We are actually ₗₑₛₛ ₜₕₑₙ ₉₀₀₀ .
New server, originally was just randomly made but then turned it into a public server. You can join and hang out with others and maybe find your significant other If you do join and have suggestions for us you can let us know on what we can fix and stuff
Just a random sever for the Toxic Ones. Join, don't join, don't care much. Judge less server.
Old HWYMG server (Nick Cash) come join or something..
Just a random server. We have plenty of channels and bots for you to use!
This Server is meant for 1. Socializing 2. Gaming (in the Gaming VoiceCall) 3. Dating (If you want) 4. NSFW (ONLY in the NSFW channel) 5. And to hopefully have fun with everyone This server is for all ages
most of our people are from 4chan, so it’s not like anyone follows our small rules in first place. all we do is shitpost and talk about anything going on, go ahead and join to meet random people lmao
This server was made as a chat group for a youtube channel. Its just a place we come to hang out and shitpost. No normies
Hello! If you're reading this that is most likely because you've taken some interest in our server. Our server is a community for anyone, we play games, listen to music, have random weird conversations and are very active during the night. Our main goal is to create a base for those without their own voices. We act as a family here and always support others. We include many bots and roles so you will never get bored and also find people to talk to with the same interests as you. We are a multi-timezone server so there will always be at least 10 people online at all times. Thank you for taking an interest and we hope to see you there! -Flint//Emi ~ owner of 'Dreaming'
The best server for anything and everything! Join our Server for special roles and a good time in general! Our community is great and is still growing as we speak! We welcome you humbly!
Soup Soon to be Capri Kids, join this wack and cancerous server to engage in random conversations with strangers maybe even meet a new friend, sometimes on vc and feel free to @BigSnazz with any issues