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This is just another small discord server to socialize, have fun, and make new friends. We hang out, share art, play games, and more! Wanna change colors? The more you chat, the closer you'll reach the top! *β˜…_______________________________β˜…* ❀ New roleplay channels added to the server! 🧑 Everyone has the freedom to express their ideas to expand the server even further πŸ’› Share art and mess around with the bots! πŸ’š Commands to grant and take away access to NSFW channels πŸ’™ Change a new color every 10 levels! πŸ’œ Everyone here is considered royalty, despite their social class and status *β˜…_______________________________β˜…* I hope you join us, Aqua's server of royalty awaits your arrival! πŸ’•\(β‰§βˆ‡β‰¦)/πŸ’•
Juztiz' Justice - originally a server primary focused on yuri, now just a general server to hang out for casual talks but for the most part still weeby conversations. We're a currently small server but if you're up for a chill hangout to talk to (mostly?) nice people and have some fun, you're very welcome to join!
This server is everything you need. Also I need active members so yeah
A kind server with 10-15 tags. There are lot of ranks, channels. Also there are giveaways! And we have Geometry Dash school!
Advertiser: Alpha_Imperial Group Name: Traininf Robloxian Federation / Called (TRF) Description: You can start a new adventure with your comrades and meet new ones. - We builded a nice training place for members. - We have active developers. - We have 48+ members! - We have roles and jobs! - We have laws and rules. - We are doing roleplay and trainings - We have lots of types of trainings! - We have roblox group too!
A fun server made by two founders who are only trying to make a good server for a nice community to thrive in.
This is my world, my universe, cool things and other, join us :D
This is a medieval roleplay focusing on characters in the setting of a medieval kingdom. Join the military, become a bounty hunter, maybe rule the kingdom! Anything realistic is possible on this server. Keep in mind this is a medieval roleplay, not a medieval fantasy roleplay.
===================== Welcome to the Republic ===================== We love a place where we can chat with friends without negativity. We encourage new friendships, laughs, smiles, happy memories, and positive attitudes. Collect melons and get better ranks!
Small community. Gaming, Anime, Movies & More! We just wanna chill. Looking for conversation, making friends & gaming partners? We have all that! We even have Currency, Osu Tracker and a leveling system! So come on down to The Coffee Lounge today!
A war has killed off the overpopulated earth apart from a few thousand people. Time carries on and the earth regenerates to overgrow the ruins. New races are born and an alien race takes refuge on the new planet earth. Our story takes place during this new age of civilization where we must build new nations. Come help us!
Blue Rhinos is a community server for all you people to join and earn money once you have enough server money you will be able to rank up into the many ranks we have on the server going from officer-private-corporal etc so join and have some fun with it the more the merrier