Rape Discord Servers

This a brand new ERP server for all the kinky people out there. This server is based in a sex club, where you can choose to be a slave or a guest. Slaves are for everyone's use, and all kinks are allowed (as long as it isn't against the slaves kinks. Come join and be abused today!
Beach Resort where hotties gather, drugs, illegal stuffs. (ongoing server, almost finish)
Laysoul is divided in 3 kingdoms, time pasts from misunderstanding the 3 kingdoms starts war, after the war ends many lives are taken. Crime rate has gone high up ruling almost the whole land of Laysoul. These kingdoms reunites as one and now trying to stop the evil.
We are back after a uhh.. The server was deleted but yea.. We are back boys! And girls. (im not sexist ples no hurt me)
female to male ratio is 4-5 or 5-5 so its pretty good we got a thigh chat.. hentai and all that. AND ITS NOT OWNED BY JORDYN!
If you are reading this, then you are about to join the Family ERP server! This is where you could become part of the family or be an open bf or gf with one of the family members. Bffs are allowed as well. We are also somewhat story based!
!!WARNING, THE FOLLOWING SERVER WILL HAVE THE FOLLOWING: RAPE, TORTURE, PAIN, EXTREME VIOLENCE AND DEATH, AND BRUTALITY. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE ANY OF THESE, DO NOT JOIN!! The Gang, Night Terrors, is a gang created by the leader Nightmare, and he is currently searching for new members. Currently, we are accepting! So feel free to join us!~ While you do not have to deal with the gore and violence, but still want to be apart of the gang; feel free to become a nurse or caretaker or child! If you don't want to be in the gang, join us as a pedestrian!