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In 2013, a nuclear war occurred, forcing a large amount of Moscow's surviving population to relocate to underground metro stations in search of refuge. Eventually, communities settled within the underground train stations and developed into independent states over time. Factions emerged, ranging from the independent peacekeepers the "Rangers of the Order", to the communist "Red Line" faction and the fascist "Fourth Reich", to the more powerful factions such as "Polis", which contained the greatest military power and the most knowledge of the past, and the "Hanza" regime, which controlled the main ring of metro stations by its sheer economic power. As these groups began to evolve, the Red Line and the Fourth Reich quickly entered a state of war, as both sought to destroy the other. As the war raged, the stations who refused to join either side were either demolished by the factions, merged into the Hanza regime, raided by criminal bandits, or formed their own independent states. Other stations were outright destroyed by animals, mutated by the nuclear fallout. While most of the stations were controlled by the 3 main factions, some stations formed an independent alliances
Welcome to Easy Company, recruit! The setting of World War 2 RP is obviously 1939-1945, following in the tracks of the infamous Easy Company that starred in the hit TV series 'Band of Brothers'. With an ever-changing atmosphere, the entire continent of Europe to explore, and the killing of Nazi soldiers to be had, World War 2 RP provides a dynamic experience with various levels of roleplayers, roles (MOSs), ranks, and positions to play in the RP. Note: We strictly follow the rule that everyone must be a paratrooper within Easy Company, Third Platoon. This means that no standard players will be playing as the French Resistance, Germans, Russians, or any other nation that took part in the war.
The Snake's Den is a Otherkin / Scalie vore roleplay server with a focus on realism and a dark atmosphere. A nirvana for snakes and those who like to worship them, enter the den if you dare. All things that slither are welcome here!
Just a vanilla WW2 RP, Although you must be realistic about it, to an extent. Just check it out.
On the Isle of Waria thrives your great packs. The Windrunner pack, the Shadow pack, the Ash Spirit pack, and the Moonstar pack. Each have their own personalities that seperates them from the rest. So come join today and find what pack suits you the best then start your story now! This is a new server so we are in need of many more members to add to the excitement of the server and to start filling up the roleplay section.