Realistic Discord Servers

This is purely a realistic university roleplay. We have a few other roleplay servers as well, all realistic and no fairytale crap. This server is based on the University life, and its pretty active! We really just need more members to play with c:
Based off the series "Legacies" that is coming out soon it follows "The Originals" and "Vampire Diaries" a school for the same races from the shows students like witches and werewolves come here to learn to use their gifts and meet others like them it's overall a safe haven. Looking for staff and students so why not join?
"The middle east was always a very dangerous place, wars were a very common thing between nations in the area and for the outsiders, the middle east was the place that had the most effect in the history of humanity, alot of nations wanted to controll the holy land and free jerusalem when some others wanted to spread christianity, helenism, jewdism and the islam. Empires fall and rise, people suffered from conquerors, especially the jews. Now most nations decides to stay friendly with each other, but nobody knows whats coming next for the middle east, no one can be sure whose going to get vanished and howse going to survive, the most important rule is to stay loyal to the nation they serve and learn how to make new friends that will always back you up when needed. The choice is yours, your choices will have consequenses no matter what, always think before you do somthing which might effect your life and you nation exsistance...." (yehuda, the new king of israel)
DO you like Helldivers? Do you enjoy realism in your roleplays? Do you enjoy having to think before performing in tactical situations against the enemy? Do you wish to use Democracy to claim back our home?! Look no further than IGMC - Orion Unit. IGMC stands for the "Inter-Galactic Marine Corps" and is inspired by the highly acclaimed top-down shooter Helldivers. This is similar but different in how there are professions and loadouts that you have to follow. There are rules that you must follow or you will receive punishment. This is a serious roleplay but casual OOC server, meaning you can't joke around in roleplay or anything of the like. In order to be apart of the server, you must be at least 18+, whenever the staff team wishes we can ask for physical and valid proof that you are 18+, but we trust you in the beginning. If you wish to know more, feel free to come onto the server and DM me with any questions you may have!
This server is dediacted to going back to the darker times of the scp foundation, while also not implementing stupidly op scps.
Kings is a casual RP about wild horses, you can be a stallion and collect mares for your harem, or be a mare and have a harem of your own! Have foals, fight bachelors to protect your herd, and survive the unforgiving torment of mother nature!
We are a Gta V server and we roleplay as a community realistically. We re looking for new members and staff to make this a successful one.
This is a brand new server, though a remake of an old one. We do wolf rp and have other wolf related stuff for members to look at. If you like to rp and you like wolves then this is a good place to be! We don't have many members yet but with your help we can make this server a decent size! Thank you for taking your time to read this! Come check us out if you would like!
Hey! we're a small Highway/Touge Racing roleplay based on the Wangan Midnight series as well as a bit of Initial D. we have members who are more than ready to help out new members, and the RP is almost always active. we do realistic racing RP as well as tuning and slice of life as well. We hope to see you on the highway soon!
Humanity has gone to the stars! What shall they discover there? Who will make a difference in this new era? Will you join sides or make your own way? Make a difference in a totally original universe!
A Discord Roleplay Server. There are occupations here and even ranks !