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Ritzy Squad is a server for meeting new people and making new friends. You can self-advertise, and there are many bots and activities to keep you entertained (including role play and daily votes). The members here are active and friendly, we'll be glad to welcome you into Ritzy Squad.❤
This is a server that will be linked to several other roleplay servers. The genres include: Modern, Fantasy, Horror, SAO, and Subnautica
Roleplaying Server Clans and much more come join!
BlackRain is a very selective, prestigious, and intelligent college. The principle is unknown and the only thing known to the public about its Founder is their last name is BlackRain. BlackRain college is well respected because the adults that graduate are more than likely become people high in power. BlackRain is not so black and white however. The graduates are not allowed to talk about what they were taught inside the school. Having wealth and excellent grades wouldn't boost your chances in the slightest. The acceptance rate compared to the applications they get is 2%. The system or requirements for who gets in hasn't been released to the public. It's so rare and valuable to get accepted that they say the purple letter the BlackRain principle sends the people they invited is worth over 10 grand. Inside that letter tells peculiar information. 1. There are no tuition fees. 2. You will be provided dormitories, food, and other necessities for the four years you will be staying. 3. You will not leave the campus at any time in the four years you will be staying. 4. Attend classes regularly. 5. Obey class rules. 6. Don't lose any belongings the collage provides you (example: keys, invites, learning supplies, etc...) 7. Obey staff. 8. Enjoy the school years! (more information will be explained when you enter the school) It sounds like a dream come true. The college has been closed for five years for an unknown reason, making it the grand reopening of a legendary school. Yet the main thing on your mind is the purple letter in your hands. Your parents are ecstatic... telling, posting, and calling everyone that you were accepted to BlackRain. You shared their enthusiasm of course. You just got invited to the best college in all seven continents! Yet... a looming feeling was above you. You didn't send an application. You thought there was no point in even trying. The letter was for you though. You had already opened it in disbelief to see it addressed to you, full name and all. The letter said a car will be waiting for you outside your house in one week at 3 pm to drive you to BlackRain. That was six days ago. You now wait anxiously near your front door for the driver to take you to BlackRain college. Everything you needed was packed. You already said bye to your family and friends, who all congratulated you. You were ready. The time is 2:55 pm. (This is also set in the 2100's)
Hello and welcome to Furry diner. We are a new sever and we hope to have you join plz no trolls and do follow the rules. We are hiring
This server is full of fun, we just started and are looking for members. We are a LGBT+ welcoming server, we do not discriminate anyone. We have a great set of rules and hope you choose to join us and follow them. When you join, you can read the lore, it's basically about werewolves, vampires, witches, warlocks and elves in war as enemies, some have allies, but some don't.
I'm looking for people to Role Play with. I have recently joined the RP community and like doing a lot of fantasy Rps if you would like a new person to rp with who is generally available most of the time. Please join. Say hi. I don't have a huge server now but plan to have it grow and have fun!
Summarize this community. We are a RPG Studio. We do text role-plays, we also go for Tabletop Role-playing games since these two go hand in hand in this community. We also talk about games in our gaming channel and if people wanted. We have a Video game Request channel if anyone wants to co-op or PVP. Come join a wonderful community of role-players!
You awake in a dimly lit room, around you there are others standing around and wondering where you are. As someone swears and what-not, a Television flickers on and on the screen is a creepy looking puppet. The puppet speaks, with an almost demonic voice. "Hello, everyone. I want to play a game. Look around you, each and every one of you have done a certain crime against the community. You all stand trial here, and atone for these sins. The house, is slowly filling with a deadly nerve agent. In 72 hours, every door of the house will automatically open, and allow for your escape to freedom. Around the house, there are vaccines to prevent your painful and agonizing death, live or die. Make your choice." -- 
Welcome to the Heavenly Realm, here you can make a God, or a Demon, or even a Human. In a world where humanity is modern, where the belief of magic is known, and the belief of beings otherworldly true, what will you become? Join today and see what you are fit for.
This is a great server its really lonely um I'm the owner Deathslover Meet new people, NSFW, lit place that is really lonely, you can date and roleplay, you get really good roles that involve the underworld,(I AM NOT EMO) if u find this weird please tell I can add new channels that you guys prefer as long as everyone agrees with it. THANK YOU FOR JOIN/READING