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☾🌿 Ivaylo Tribe 🌿☽ Want to role play as a wolf? To be Wild, free, and have a family? Welcome to the Tribal Wolf RP! Where it takes place as one wolf, taking control over a tribe, where she alone has to make decisions to trust other members she meets, to go by traditions left by her ancestors, and to only hope for the best that enemies won’t rise to cause a riot. This RP is : • Wolves only - No shape-shifters, werewolves, etc. just wolves with minimum paint markings on face and body ( if wanted ). May have feather earrings, bone jewelry, or anything that is Tribal like. •Semi Literate to Literate - RP's must be more than 3 sentences and all must be detailed. • Semi-Real - the wolves actions may conduct some things almost human like and may speak to one another • Mature - There will be death, cursing, marriage, etc. so please be mature in most situation in RP Come and join in! HIGH RANKS and ADMINS positions are OPEN!!