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When you were born you were born like any other person. From a male, and a female human. You went to normal schools. Lived normal lives. Took texts, failed classes, missed days, road the bus, ate pizza, and stayed up until three in the morning. And then you turned 16. Oh, sweet 16 as everyone likes to call it. But was it sweet? Was it really? Lightning, striking down from the sky, onto someone, onto you. Blue. Red. Green. Yellow. One of those particular colors of lightning, struck you just as you turned 16, down to the second. It wasn't painful. It wasn't bone breaking. It filled you with energy, a strange energy. An abnormal energy. And these were called the infected. Not all of you of course, were struck by this lightning on you're sweet sixteen. Many lucky, or maybe not so lucky, boys and girls were not chosen to be infected. They were chose to be normal, like everyone else, forever. Of course, now you are different.
Welcome to Mitaka Academy, a Pokemon roleplaying experience designed with romance and interaction in mind. Although we are still a small server, we are looking for many people to support us and help run the server. Join the server and get to meet other people as well!
Ready to mingle because you're single? Come join NebulasMatch! Don't wanna get into a relationship, only friendships? Come find you some friends on our server! 😊
Welcome to our romance server a major reason why you should join is cus we dont care how old you are it doesnt matter if you under 18 we accepted all and looking for psrtnerships
Come join Over Groth to find your true love or just some friends. -Partnerships -Dating -Friends -Community -New
This is a great RP server full of fun people and ideas! It's based off a book called "The Ones Who Walked Away From Omelas". Join and have fun in out welcoming community! ^^
Have fun role playing at Crystal Academy, a sleep away high school where you can have romance and adventure!
On November 21, 2027; the first and highly anticipated Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (VRMMORPG) for a special VR console, called the Aintisnz, began its official service at 13:00 JST. The game's first 10,000 copies were sold out within moments and about as many players logged in the moment the official service began. However, the enjoyment did not last long as, several hours later, players noticed that the log out button was not working. Soon afterwards, all players were teleported to the Town of Beginnings, where an avatar in red robes descended from the sky and introduced himself as the game's creator, Cotaro Jonzus. Jonzus announced to all players that the only way for them to log out was to beat the game by clearing the boss at the end of each dungeon in the game. Jonzus then informed the players that all methods of revival were removed from the game and that if they died in the game, someone from the real world attempted to remove the Aintisnz by force or if the Aintisnz was disconnected from a power source or the game's servers for too long, the Aintisnz would use microwaves to destroy the player's brain. To prove that he was not joking, Jonzus forced every player's avatar to change to their real life appearance and concluded the tutorial for the game by stating that he had accomplished his desire: to create his own world and control it. This was how the death game known as «Otaru Online» began.
Welcome to Ascention High School, a server dedicated to interacting with others and romance RP! We currently have 50+ Members and 20+ Active roleplayers, along with various integrations to enhance your roleplaying experience! We also have optional NSFW roleplays too. If you were expecting trainers here, you can join my other server.
A friendly community of roleplayers, founded by two LARPers who started this over 2 years ago. Come and join the fantastic fun! W O A H M A M A!
The Earth of the 20th Century was no more when the Artifacts arrived. These magical items and trinkets could only be used by a select few people, and drastically shifted the world balance between nations, heavily skewing the world balance and causing untold casualties. After a century of chaos, a new government was born, collecting almost all of the artifacts into on giant city known as the Sanctum. New artifact wielders as they were known, were required to attend high school in the Sanctum in order to reduce the risk of them attaining an Artifact and causing harm to the outside world. These high schools eventually ended up holding tournaments known as festas in order to provide entertainment, and train strong Artifact users as and inevitable defense force against those of ill-will. This server is new so I’m looking for admin and mods to help run it