Safe Discord Servers

Hello! This is a server where you can just chill and have fun! This is a pg13 server though, so there is no nsfw content.
hello ------------ welcome to hello! we provide a variety of different things on our server, such as - a safe space - Hamilton, Jojo, and etc. chats - singing channels, so you can let your voice shine! - venting channels. you can talk to us. - a chilled out and laid back staff. - a lgbtq+ friendly space! - roleplay! we would be happy to let you join, and we accept everyone for who they are here! feel free to be yourself! thank you for listening, we hope you will join us today! -love, Mariner, Pyral, and Sammy.💗
SafePlace: A community Discord server with plenty of features and a staff team that's happy to meet you! Read our welcome channel for more information. We hope you join! :3
Welcome to the TBRH! Or, text based RP hub. Here, you'll find multiple DIFFERENT RP's, scheduled to be done every once in a while (depending on how full the server is). They can only last so long, so if you don't like one, don't be sad! We also have specific channels for Pokemon or Non-Pokemon RP! As well as being able to host Custom RP's! Come one come all! Join the fun! We need someone like you.
A fun nice safe place where you can be who you are and do what you want. Be a philosopher! Post memes! Be a philosopher who posts memes! We also have channels for art advice and gaming, among other things. We're always growing, always taking suggestions on how to improve! Come join our nonsense!
Just a small roleplay server for friends, we've decided to put it on Disboard if anybody else is interested in checking us out.
This server is the perfect server for those who are looking for a safe Gaming environment. we have a unique role ranking system and some bots that are fun to mess with such as Mee6.
This server is designed for people who wan't a no-nonsense server. We don't allow any form of hate, voilence, and things like that. I see a lot of discord servers that are very uncomftorable, and my goal here is give people a safe space to hang out.
The Supportive LGBTQ+ is just a safe place for you to be yourself, and to enjoy who you are to be without getting judged by other people, also a server to help people out with other problems. We support anyone, we don't judge, all the staff are here to make you feel safe and happy.
🍒Welcome to the Bunny Heaven! We offer our fullest ability to give you the most comfortable and suitable area by: ✨SFW AND NSFW channels 🔑Mentally aware 🌈Non-discriminatory 🎈Beneficial Adaptions 🎨Creative zone ♥Positive, calm, and family friendly environment ~💞There is more for you to discover when you join. We welcome you with open arms.💞~
Sanctuar.y Is a safe place for anyone of any age sexualty or gender to join. We hope to keep this a place for people to come and be themselves Right now we're more focused on the LGBT community but anyone could join. This is a non discriminating place so be yourself and have fun.