Sailor Moon Discord Servers

Welcome to a sailor moon themed server!~ We are a small server trying to gain members and improve our server as a whole. Our age range is 13+ which means anyone that uses discord can join. If you were wondering we have amazing and caring staff, great bots and a cute layout. Invite your friends and enjoy your stay! We also have a NSFW category for our 18+ members. I hope you join and make it your most here bye!~
In a vain attempt to stop the horrible cycle of death brought on by the Incubators, a single girl with the best intentions has caused countless worlds to merge into one. Now it is up to the heroes of those worlds to make this fused world safe for all its inhabitants. The premise of this RP is simple. Magical Girls and Boys being awesome! FCs are welcome, OCs are welcome, Come on in and be the magical type you've always wanted to be.