School Discord Servers

This is a new RP server, it's got a school, a town full of places to enjoy, and many spots to get your freak on~ If you want to have fun this is the place to be!
Welcome to my school ^-^ remember to have fun, ERP is allowed but GET A ROOM first, thank you
Welcome to Mitaka Academy, a Pokemon roleplaying experience designed with romance and interaction in mind. Although we are still a small server, we are looking for many people to support us and help run the server. Join the server and get to meet other people as well!
Imagine a world where people are granted special powers from stones intertwined with their souls. Welcome to the Academy, a safe haven for people with Soul Gems to learn about and perfect their abilities! This is an everyone friendly server! Welcome to all that are full of imagination!
💠ACADEMY ZONE💠 ◇ ▬ ▬ ▬▬ ▬ ◇ FEATURED◇ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ◇  •Both Roleplay and None Roleplay Events which can alter the Roleplay locations! •Original, none ripoff lore, unlike a lot of other roleplay servers. •Active community always up to Roleplay or just chat! •A large ever expanding world to explore! •And much, much more! ◇ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ◇
Hello there~ Are you looking for a fun, fresh server to Rp in? Come on down! We are a brand new server looking for -Active RPers -Staff -Growth We really do hope you enjoy your time here at Knight School! We are brand new and the only way to grow is with your help~ Ownrs are - aes -Edgy <3
〚The Story So Far〛 //SEMI-LITERATE RP// **The story is set in modern day within a town named Ostburn** ❥In a world where vampires are seen as criminals towards humanity, being discovered to be a vampire is seen as a crime punishable by execution. Several years ago war between humans and vampires broke out, humans won because of their newly obtained cursed weapons. This forced the vampires to go into hiding. They are still lurking in the shadows to this day. Hunters analyse their behaviour and try to wipe out the threat, civilians just trying to survive and vampires just surviving too in a blood-thirsty manner. Well not all of them... Phantom hearts, group of vampires, plot in the shadows to attack once again, to fill their never ending thirst. It’s the Cazadors job to stop these plans.
Herdford school is known to be full of cliques, not just those cliques of popular and losers, they're groups, you either fit in or don't. Herdford school is an Roleplay server.
Welcome to the Academy for Deviants! This school exists to train the newest generation of Porn Stars. You can join as a Teacher or a Student in this unorthodox school. This group is one of the branches of Ultimate Smut RP. It offers: - Fun bots - Literate RP - Lewd Channels This server is a safe community and is always looking for new applicants. So be sure to click that join button. Also open for Partnerships.
Fracture Heart is set multiple generations from the stories of RWBY. The world has changed greatly since the death of Remnants greatest heroes, they left behind their own children to carry on their stories and from there generations passed. With the wizard missing within the far corners of Remnant and Salem lurking in the dark quarters of Anima, life has been quiet until a few years ago. In the last generations the White Fang has disbanded as equality for both races has finally beeing resolved in Remnant, a new group of Faunus had joined to together to change Remnant once again. They took on the Sabertooth, after the great tales of a creature that tread the world before humanity. They've begun to cause riots and destory property of known business that could prove their actions. After Weiss Schnee took back her rightful place as heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, her younger brother broke off the main branch of the Schnee family. He began to make his own company know as Schnee Industries, they focus on dust based weapons and vehicles. As the generations passed, SDC became better know for their alliance with the White Fang and aiding faunus in need. However, Schnee Indrusties went in the oppisite direction; using underground ways to smuggle faunus to work in their factories with little money and abuse.
Welcome to the super school! This server was developed to teach students about any subjects that he/she want. But our main target is to teach students international languages. But don't worry about the rules, memes are allowed and stupid jokes are allowed but don't involve some staff.
Celesta RP is a City/ Life Simulator type RP. It has a school, the City (duh X3), even an Island! You can be a student, a teacher, or a citizen. You can even own a shop! There's a lot you can do here, such as go to the beach, Play at the arcade, even take a walk in the Park. Join today! There's a Cafe, run by me, an Arcade. Even A lodge! We have a friendly community, nice staff, and Active RPers!