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In the age of 4025, Humanity has increased it's reaches to outer space. Although several alien races threaten our very survival. Who's side will you take? Who will you fight for? Join and pick a side.
Here you will explore the world of Xel; an advanced universe where magic, science, and advanced technology live along side one another. Step into a life and live your story; be a wage slave for one of the massive MegaCorps who rule the world, join a organization, live a life of crime, become someone, or die forgotten. Here your choices are your own…or at least that’s what they tell you. Dive in because this life is only what your masters make it.
Like Sci-fi? Wanna just sit back and chill without having to worry about post length? This roleplaying server's got it all.
Lore:The year is 3512, demons... dwarves... elves... magic... light and dark... they are filling our world... and we are inviting them to join our school!! have any "special skills"? then this is the place for you! welcome to Tera Academy! we are here to turn all of you "skilled" students into real heroes!. This is a new server and we're hoping you'll join us '-'
A brand new Star Wars rp, this server is set some time after the new trilogy, in terms of time, but it exists in a world where the new trilogy never happened. Come, join us and shape the world into the mould you wish it to be. Join in the ever raging war between Jedi and Sith as a Jedi Master, maybe Sith initiate, potentially a third party who has their own motives. It is up to you. We have a high-quality staff who have a load of knowledge about the Star Wars universe and are willing to help. Hope to see you there.
Welcome to the dystopian, over-crowded and high tech cyberpunk city of Hell's Point, located on Planet Proxima Centauri b... --------------------------------- ☢Roleplayers of all skill welcome, everyone is valued ☢Regular quests and events, of which yours are welcome ☢Active and friendly Mods, welcoming all suggestions and advice! ☢Refreshing and expanding lore that you can contribute to <3 ☢Relaxed and chill environment, supportive --------------------------------- Hell's Point is a cyberpunk, dystopian city on planet Proxima Centauri b and surrounded by wastelands. The city plays host to criminals, the wealthy, the illegal bartenders and war vets, anyone and anything can be found wondering the towering, million km streets hidden below a thick cloud. Is this your home?
💠ACADEMY ZONE💠 ◇ ▬ ▬ ▬▬ ▬ ◇ FEATURED◇ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ◇  •Both Roleplay and None Roleplay Events which can alter the Roleplay locations! •Original, none ripoff lore, unlike a lot of other roleplay servers. •Active community always up to Roleplay or just chat! •A large ever expanding world to explore! •And much, much more! ◇ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ◇
Hello! We're a Semi-Lit to Advanced-Lit Space themed Sci-Fi roleplay server. We have several factions to choose from for your character (one of which basically being a w/e you want) and a bit of lore, but nothing too crazy we promise! The server is organized very well, and we look forward to meeting you. Our staff is very friendly and helpful, we aim to please. ERP Is allowed, but please, focus on character development and story building. If you are only here to ERP 90% of the time, you're gone. This server is for mature people with a mature mindset. If you're coming here to cause drama, you're gone. Keep things civil, enjoy each other's company, and enjoy roleplaying.
WELCOME TO [A] SYSTEMS, PILOT. The year is 2045. Your aim is to defeat the Teneid that plague the streets of Rhuun using specialised equipment called Ergos. Ergos are no simple machines-they are 20 metre tall weapons of destruction powered by cutting edge technology. They are not toys. Running on Id-raw mental energy, the Ergos are mecha that the 2000's could only dream of piloting. You are one of the lucky few who can. The crowd is waiting, pilot. They wish to see the dance of blade and monster in a digital paradise. What you will do to protect us-from the Teneid, from the illegal Ergos pilots? To protect this city of Rhuun? I hope your legacy will be more than getting mangled in your own cockpit. Nonetheless. Welcome to the ranks.
CALYPSO'S SPIRAL An Advanced/Literate Roleplaying Community! We value paragraph and multi-paragraph responses with action, adventure, romance, and intrigue. Calypso's Spiral is set in the far distant future of the year 4069. Explore the Spiral's 5 mapped planets, adventure in deep space or among the uncharted planetoids, or fight in Zurak's Arena high above H'Nua! ● This server is 18+ only! Calypso's Spiral is managed for and by adults. ● We require a roleplay sample to keep up quality and manage the community! ● Unique lore that you can help shape with regular submissions! ● Social roles for casual roleplay. (Explore the world and meet others!) ● Monthly events, small and large! Come join us!
Earth. Separated and reunited by humanity itself. We will flourish again. All we need is you.