Security Discord Servers

We provide excellent ddos protection and are trying to provide a safe gaming experience, no matter what gaming platform you are on. Come in and check our services out.
Elysium is a discord server oriented around programming and security. Due to these topics sometimes things can stray to unethical or even dark areas. Please keep in mind this server is not at all oriented nor made to be kid friendly. By joining and staying in this server you acknoledge that and won't get butthurt. That being said, we are a public community, and we will stay that way. Do not and I repeat do not, bug staff for stupid reasons such as someone talking about hacking. We are not fully white hat and never will be due to hacking and pentesting in general being overall a gray area. We are heavily focused on these areas and if you are uncomfortable with it, for one last warning, please leave.
Welcome to the TDT. A Fun Community Server with friendly people and famous rap artists. Have fun chatting to people, no toxic people, enjoy!
One of the largest hacking servers. Staff and Trusted members are highly knowledgeable and/or are already in their career fields. We are in the process of cultivating a more professional community focused on helping others learn and improve. We have an official Wiki, website, and CTFs that are near completion as well. Feel free to stop by!
Epic Squad is one of the best international gaming communities. The server discord of this community offers many features: - Agree our rules - Chose your language - Chose your game categories (gaming/meme/nsfw/..) - Create your Guild and invite your friends to join it - Play our fantastic discord minigames (Chess, Murder, Pacman, Trivia, TicTacToe, Roulette, Black Jack, Pokémon, Uno, ...) - Invite jour friends to join our Discord to become vip roles - Change color (VIP only) - Become Rainbow (Elite+) - Summon your custum channels and add your friends (Elite) - Open support tickets - Ask for YT and Twitch roles - Join in our Clan - Take part in fantastic giveaways and our events - Raise your level and receive money by writing in chat You can find more information on our server or on our website [DISCORD]: [WEB-SITE]:
I'd like to welcome you to my server, Refy's City! With many types of bots, a friendly owner, and plenty of things to do, I aim to bring many kinds of people together to create a community. Suggestions and feedback are EXTREMELY valuable to me. Join, and help make a new community.