Semi Literate Discord Servers

"Heylo! This is Stars Dream Too. In this server you'll find a bunch of species and worlds merged into one! If it sounds confusing then you'll have to read the lore to know. We have just started so pardon our dust, and please if you want too, join to just help us out! We also accept people who are LGBTQ+ and many more! Our server is mostly Slice of Life, but we do allow Super Heroes, and Villains, fantasy monsters, and feral beings. If you are one of the first to join, please note that we only want semi - literates to Novellas. We want a server of experienced role players, but remember. Quality > Quantity. And also, if you are the first people to make the first few characters, we accept Gods, and Strong Beasts, just don't metagame, and don't make them OverPowered, and maybe, you'll be able to add to our Lore as well! -Ricky, The owner."
Welcome to RWBY RP: Divided! We are a small roleplay server in the setting of the RWBY series created by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth. Although our setting doesn't follow the canon series 100% as none of our favourite characters will be in the world and all the characters will be OCs. We offer: -Friendly community -Helpful staff -The chance to be a Maiden/Silver-Eyed Warrior -Events
🌙Little note🌙: Please do not leave the server the second after joining, it is a problem to many roleplay servers and it gets annoying. If you don't want to roleplay, either be a spectator or do not join at all. Active members are needed to outweigh the bots. Six clans, one tribe, and a whole lot of mysteries. Join the Clans and Tribes in this exciting roleplay. Be a warrior of the fierceful Thunderclan, the quick and agile Windclan, the secretive Shadowclan, the sleek Riverclan, the strong Skyclan, and the new and improved brave Bloodclan. Be a cave guard or prey hunter of the Tribe of Rushing Water! Believe and trust in Starclan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting, but stay clear from the Dark Forest and The Tribe of Dark Skies. Be an Medicine Cat and help heal your clan! Be an Apprentice and train to become a mighty Warrior! Be an Deputy and become the Leader of your clan! ~~~ Peace between the five lake clans has lasted for a long time, but there are still hidden evils within the territories. Up in the mountains, the Tribe of Rushing Water and Bloodclan experience some trouble with strange cats and beings coming into the territory. ~~~ Semi literate/literate/Advanced literate
A small server made for wadanohara role playing! Sure, as said, while we're small now, we hope you'll still give us a chance. Please keep in mind other chats will be locked off until you request a character in #character-request
In a world driven to near extinction of humans by an all powerful alien race the humans called "Reapers", the remaining bits and pieces of humanity colonized the world, using its enemy's leftover tech to advance faster than ever before, and furthermore nearly effortlessly. The government became quick to discover some humans had evolved along with their technology. Alien radiation reshaping the DNA of humans altering any forms of the body that it found compatible. The governments were very quick to exploit this newfound resource keeping them in confinement, and experimenting with their abilities. Though, even with all the power and training, will these powered individuals be able to defeat their death dealing enemies, or will these efforts prove to be all in vain.
This is a *brand new* roleplay server looking for creative, casual, roleplayers who love to tell a good story. Multiple roleplays of various genres will be hosted here, where we can work together to design our own worlds and characters to tell an engaging story.
A small superhero server where you can make an OC. Everyone is allowed one power and the free will to be a hero, a villain, or a freelancer.
Death. It's recent, it's unwelcome. But it's here. Someone is killing members of LostClan and WispClan one by one. It's unidentifiable, if you want the honest truth. It's tearing trust apart, pulling and ripping at the seams like a rabid animal. Nobody can be trusted, when I say nobody, I mean nobody. Higher-ups included. But, it'll be fine, they have The Circle of Whispering Willows. Oh, you don't know what that is? It's sacred, the perfect warzone for both clans to try and claim it for themselves. It's a beautiful forest, with nine enormous willow trees in a circle. It's known that if you stand in the center, the trees will whisper things to you, but, you can never tell if they're lying or not. It may not seem worth it, but if it could tell you whether your wildest dreams would come true or not, would you not fight for it? There's-- one more thing, that thing being flooding threats. It's raining a scarily large amounts, with water rising, too. It's bad for them both, and drowning, is a real issue. If you don't realize, this isn't a happy story. It's a story of secrets, lies, deception, and death.
Azeryth is a literate roleplay filled with magic and mystery. We have a well constructed universe with four races to choose from and amazing players to RP with. If you dislike one-liners and are looking for a heavily plot based roleplay, this is the place for you!