Serious Discord Servers

(Beta - Serious RP) An entirely new, and rebooted Serious Roleplay Server based upon custom lore built upon the original, within the Fallout New Vegas universe. Join us as we stress-test entirely new ideas, and scenarios for the player to involve his or herself within. Our community prides itself on quality, detailed Roleplay.
San Andreas Legacy Roleplay is a highly structured, whitelisted, and serious GTAV Fivem Roleplay community. We offer positions in State, Sheriff, and Police Departments along with Emergency Services. Civilian and Dispatch are always open.
A BRAND NEW fantasy role playing community! Semi-literate, Bots, evolving lore, and NEEDS YOUR HELP to get started! Elysium is a world fresh out of a 100-year-war against monsters, false gods, and evil beings. With the main evil finally vanquished, someone needs to clean up the aftermath. Enter the Guild of Averna, an organisation tasked with accepting requests, taking in recruits, and helping Elysium get back on it's feet after devastating strife. >BRAND NEW COMMUNITY! This is a brand new server and we're looking for members! >Roles, Lore, Races, Classes, etc.! >Semi-literate and built for people who care about roleplay! >Application process to get in to assure an enjoyable enviroment! >Events, NPCs, etc. >Future plans for expansion of lore, the world, and characters! We implore you to visit WoE and check it out! We're excited to see what the community of Discord has to offer and we'll accept all kinds of new recruits! -Gav
We are TES Serious RP server on discord, an inovating type of rp "text rp". We have custom factions and in game items.We also have a custom lore
this server is a fun server with nsfw and can be serious at times
We are a RP community about world war 2. We have good staff members and follow history to some degree (relationship wise, missing some theatres of war like the pacific, Russia Japanese warfare. Etc) Come and join the community! Alright, so, I found this place and wanted to give it a shot to promote my Story Line, Role Play, RP or anything else. The top link is to everything for the server. Please be a serious RPer to join the SL. I am not looking for one liners, or any other role players that aren't truly into the Role Play. Come join, check it out. Speak to the Admin team and see if it's something for you. The website link will contain every bit of information that you need for the Story Line, and you can just ask.
Welcome! Masks is a roleplaying community focused around a fictional city on the US East Coast and its superpowered inhabitants. Be a hero; be a villain; be whoever you want to be with Masks! We're just getting started, so now's the best time to join!
Furry Frenzy is a 2 year old furry server with a medium sized population and a wide variety of channels for all kinds of hobbies, interests, and discussion. It brings opportunities to talk about and play games, music, roleplay, and share art with others. Several niche groups exist within the server run by community members*, if you want to be apart of them or start one contact a moderator and your fellow group of interested people! Anyone interested in furries is welcome. * Currently looking for people who might be interested in Dungeon Frenzy (Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, etc.).
TheHub A chilled out, friendly community of people who just want to hangout, make friends, play some games and even talk about anime, we have level rewards, currency and will soon have minigames.
A man would be sitting in a chair holding an axe facing down, you couldn't see his face if you were to look you could only see blackness and circle shaped glasses shining in the light as he also had a grey top hat "You there..have you ever heard of the tale of van helsing? No? Well kid you're in for quite a story tonight I tell you a tale of a man who hunted monsters to almost extinction, but not just any monster.. not those so called vampires and werewolves either there were more than just that." The man taps his fingers on the armrest of the chair repeatedly "He fought demons, wendigos, ghouls hell he even fought leprechauns." The man chuckles to himself "But maybe he was the monster he caused the near extinction of the lycan, and now its the year 1992 hunters and priests are back at it again." The man picks up his axe to look at you "Now tell me, do you want to be a monster or a savior for both sides? NEW SERVER! *Lots of spots to be filled! *Looking for Partners! *Growing!