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Welcome to Creative Minds! Creative Minds is a server for writers, artists, and musicians to share their work and collaborate as a community. It is an open, accepting place where anyone can join and feel welcomed. We have: - Channels for you to promote your own work - Channels for you to share your work - Channels for you to get critique on your work - Chat channels for you to get to know other creative minded people - Partnerships - Color Roles - Lots of fun bots! - NO @everyone pings!
Embark on a journey of adventure and creativity on the best Hytale Discord ! Hytale is a new game from Hypixel Studios. Hytale game updates, news & more
This is a server with a chill and laidback community. Come and join us for hentai and anything else.
We are a welcoming server where you can do anything, unless you piss off a mod. Anarchy, memes, nsfw, gaming, all you can think of.
A teeny tiny server for just about anything and everything!
Join if you like to spam :)
TheBlueCrest - Legendary Questing Hello there everyone! I am here now to inform you about our legendary discord server, TheBlueCrest, now with a member count just reaching 450 members strong, built around roleplaying/tabletop games. We have sessions weekly, some that only use it for the voice channel and use other sources for display (Roll20), and some groups that have text-only campaigns. We run full campaigns, series oneshots, and random oneshots every now and then. The only thing we need now, is more people! We鈥檙e currently looking for more promising potential staff members, and are accepting applications. I would love to see many more DM's, and more players populate our server. Getting into a campaign, or wanting to get people into one of yours, is very easy. Along with our amazing roleplaying aspect, all the members bond as friends and we have a whole bunch of fun doing it. Come join us! See you there! Adrrian-DM#0840
Wenn du Overwatch spielst und Leute suchst die auch Overwatch zocken, dann bist du hier genau richtig.
Jesus is God. also a chill server