Slave Discord Servers

This a brand new ERP server for all the kinky people out there. This server is based in a sex club, where you can choose to be a slave or a guest. Slaves are for everyone's use, and all kinks are allowed (as long as it isn't against the slaves kinks. Come join and be abused today!
We are hiring staff member and we want you to join this server today we want to welcome you to it.
---------------------------Welcome To : -------------------------- __Slaves__ Come in us server! Become Highest Level Up Rank! We will have Giveaways for Fornite acc,Minecraft Premium etc... Y'all Are Welcome To Us Server! We don't have so many rules too! 1. We have Level Up System 2. Looking for staff 3. If u are Youtuber u will get Youtuber Rank! 4. If u are Streamer u will get Streamer Rank! 5. If u are Review us on with 5 stars u will get Special Rank! Everything what u need is here!
We want you to join us we are a welcomeing server and ready for you to join us. We are getting ready for holloween so come join us we are a a nsfw server
"Irizu's Home for Masters and Slaves" is a slave/master roleplay group. Either apply to be a slave or master. Family members get special rights and get to moderate the slaves and masters. We also request that you maintain a mature mentality and behavior. We also request that you speak English in this group.
18+ only server for Masters and Slaves to meet, socialize and share. New server, small community. Find your online or IRL power exchange relationship here. Play Cards Against Humanity, become an influencer and earn reputation. Be respectful at all time. Classy, quality community.
this is made for a happy mistress called rose she will take care and have fun with each other