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Kaisei High School is a Slice of Life Roleplay server. It is set in a Japanese Senior School within a city. The server has undergone a major redux and we are looking for new members who would like to join. We offer: -The choice of playing a first, second or third year student. -Many roleplay channels that may be expanded on in the future. -Major events that you will have the opportunity to partake in. These include: an Opening ceremony, School festivals, etc. -A growing list of clubs to join and pportunities to participate in club activities, even having the chance to earn a position as club leader. -A range of roleplaying styles. As for length, we are quite flexible; short actions to grandiose paragraphs are commonplace. As for the person, we all write in the third. -The chance to start friendships, relationships and much more with your fellow students. The admin team is excited to revive this server and we look forward to you enrolling here at Kaisei High School!
"Heylo! This is Stars Dream Too. In this server you'll find a bunch of species and worlds merged into one! If it sounds confusing then you'll have to read the lore to know. We have just started so pardon our dust, and please if you want too, join to just help us out! We also accept people who are LGBTQ+ and many more! Our server is mostly Slice of Life, but we do allow Super Heroes, and Villains, fantasy monsters, and feral beings. If you are one of the first to join, please note that we only want semi - literates to Novellas. We want a server of experienced role players, but remember. Quality > Quantity. And also, if you are the first people to make the first few characters, we accept Gods, and Strong Beasts, just don't metagame, and don't make them OverPowered, and maybe, you'll be able to add to our Lore as well! -Ricky, The owner."
Welcome to SYRE, a relaxing (maybe) hangout spot and roleplay server. Roleplay is not obligatory and you can create a character at whatever time you so believe necessary. For non-roleplayers, stay in text channels, which may change later as we are currently very roleplay-centric and as such we don't have as many channels for the "chill" aspect. Roleplayers!! Hello, this is Verri, one of the three gods who've created the new world you are entering: Iridescent. I've forgotten the names of the others as they aren't important I the slightest but I'm sure you van get to them later. To make this shorter, there are 3 main countries in Iridescent, founded by each of the three gods who may or may not be walking around disguised. Firstly, we have Eucalype. My country. Eucalype is known for their diversity in race and magical abilities. Magic is a big part of Eucalype and almost everyone there has attended or is attending it's magical academy. Brick's country--- Lastly, we have Chimerical, a place for the naughty and rebellious, known for it's constant partying and strip club. I don't approve of it but who am I to say anything. Really, it's a rowdy, untethered and 18+ country for all you...freaks to go to. Enter any country but keep in mind how they work and what they focus on. Fill out a character template and head on over. Welcome to Syre, have fun!
a laid back discord RP server taking place in the beautifully overused prefecture Osaka, Japan. The chat is realistic fiction that focuses on real, smaller scale problems, so you won’t find any spell-slinging demigods or advanced alien technology here. Other than things as unrealistic as that, you can make just about whatever you want, so long as your character is original and compelling!
Owner: @♛ 𝐊𝐎𝐊𝐈𝐂𝐇𝐈 ♛#8901 Status: New This is a new server with it's own lore, and is based in a small city that is surrounded by a nuclear wasteland, heres a hitn of the story: The world as we know it has been obliterated from nuclear war, making the outside life impossible for most. Some choose to survive out there, other people chose to recreate that old feeling of safety. They did this by creating walls and liberating a part of America, making it a sanction for people, and making it a small town of safety where people could escape and live happy lives, continuing on without worries. These people have been dubbed ‘Stargazers’, some Star’s choose to go to school instead of work, aiming for a job that can help them grow higher up in the walls. This Utopia has been given the name “Rhun” What we have here: > An active admin team > A welcoming community > An NSFW server (For those weirdos.)
-{Welcome to Jackson Academy!}- Jackson Academy is a slice-of-life, modern, non-AU genre roleplay server that maintains a lighthearted attitude and events in the setting. Located in a coastal, undisclosed area, the academy is the most renowned boarding school for students 15-18. Let drama, romance, and shenanigans ensue within the walls of Jackson Academy! Join today! (MUST BE AT LEAST 15 YEARS OF AGE TO JOIN)
Almost a normal world, different races rome the city's. All is normal, only what has been adapted to fit the races needs. No magic, no futuristic stuff has been build yet. Just living in a small town called Ly Idle, you make what a normal life is. More freedom in here, you ask for a new chat, it could happen, new role, maybe. your characters can be complex or simple, you can add and take away as you rp. we here are light on our feet but still keep our eyes looking. Small to big you will help it grow, make it grow in your way and other peoples ways. welcome and Enjoy.
Come watch the birth of a server. I just created it and i hope it doesnt die, so anyone who joins before it's finished will get a special rank.
A Break From Life is a roleplay server set on a remote island that resides outside of time. You can play any kind of character you like from any kind of universe, all of them taken to the island in order to escape the stress and hardships of their normal lives. This server is very casual and accepts all kinds of write, regardless of writing skill.
Luna - A new server dedicated to Slice of Life anime and manga discussion
South of Cerulean city, north of Saffron city, sit a large day care taking up the majority if rout 5. Sate of the art facilities, why go to the sevil islands when you can get the hands on care right in the heart of Kanto. The daycare is run by none other then Elinore Rose, winner of 5 international pokemon contests. However running a large place like this can be difficult. Ms. Rose is looking for new breeder's to teach all that she knows. In return for your work you receive food and lodging at the Rose Pokemon Daycare as well as a weekly salary. Just a hop skip and a jump from Saffron, there's plenty to do on your off hours. And keep your eyes peeled, Saffron often hosts Contests in it large convention hall. Hopefully that sparked your interested. This is a roleplay server with a focus on day to day interaction, Contests, and of course pokemon breeding. The breeding happens off screen so no worries about that. We except everyone, all that we ask is that you put your heart into your writing. Oh! And please give an admin heads up if you are underage. Can't wait to hear from you! - Gale
Sunny Academy is one of the prestigious academy in the world. There are many ways on how you join this academy. Not just by academics, but by money, athletic, political influence and anything. Sunny Academy is built on the most isolated island in the world. That's Diego Garcia. It have it's own city and weird system.