Small Discord Servers

Disney Cafe is a server for all Disney and Pixar fans can come and chat! We have fun roles, bots, and are a smaller server right now!
Welcome To the Heavenly Homestead. We are just a small server wanting to meet new people and want regulars :D not large numbers. We have memes, pokecord, music bots, staff apps, custom roles and role colors, and many more! Please enjoy your stay!
My server is very new so there aren’t too many active members but if you’d join, that would be much appreciated. ^-^
❃ (Starting out!) A small and chill English/Japanese server for anyone who wants to make friends, chat, or play games ❃
What to put as a Description... hmmm, Well its pretty new (25 members now O.o), we did have a old one but that got deleted a little back but we're trying to bring this new one to life, anyone and everyone is welcome so please stop by, Rules, Well we don't have many but the ones we do have please follow so everyone enjoys their stay. p.s. We have a Talking Duck and a talking jam
We have just over 50 members, and we have a very friendly community! We have self assignable roles, colors, and a custom bot! Please, join today!
a server with a bakery theme with; 🥐a 24/7 lo-fi music channel for studying, relaxing, & sleeping 🥐many bots to have fun and play with 🥐several qt auto roles to choose from 🥐a friendly community for anyone
A small discord server used for general conversation and playing games, our server has a few bots. Also we have a large array of people many are active and are online everyday we have a variety of different games such as R6, Fortnite, and more.
TGC ———Custom Bots To Assist You With Anything:white_check_mark:——— ———Interactive Mee6 Levelling System With Rewards:white_check_mark:——— ———Custom Rooms, Active Chatrooms and Helpful Staff Members Are Only A Few Of The Things We Take Pride For——— ———Multiple Giveaways Such As VBucks, Keys ETC.——— ———25+ Self Assignable Roles(Fortnite, Overwatch, Ark, CS:GO ETC.) ———Looking For Staff, Partner Team MSG (AusDuels#7575)——— Over 130+ Members Today, You Are Guaranteed To Find A Fortnite Squad Or A Friend To Play Overwatch Join TGC Now And We Guarantee You A Great Stay
Well. This is my server... It's pretty chill i guess. Feel free to join, if you want. Yeah. Have a good day :ok:
Hello! This is a small server dedicated to all things political. It is built around the ideology that we should be allowed to voice our political opinions and stances, without being lynched or judged. It’s also about teaching one another.
[Looking for Co-Owner]Just a small fun server waiting for members!this server is SFW.It has roles,bots,games,chat rooms and more! Dm me, sgX SNIPER Xgs#9124