Socialize Discord Servers

Planet Chillz is a great and friendly coummunity full of kind users all around the world. You can meet tons of new friends. This is a server to hangout and meet new people. We also do tons of giveaways for our users.
Key facts about this server -Vast amount of Gaming Categories -Well developed voice channels -Giveaways -Pokecord -Self assignable roles -Moderators ready for anything. -Friendly community -Nsfw Channel -Anime -And More We welcome anyone with open arms. We truly appreciate for giving us a chance and joining our lovely community. If you want anymore details the moderators are always on stand by.
This server is meant for teens, but other ages are allowed too. Feel free to join to chat, make friends, discuss anything you want, and even more! We accept everyone for who they are, and we don't judge anyone. Come on, join, and have some fun!
This server is for anyone 17 and under! Anyone older will be kicked out! Or banned. Just started so not that many people but help me grow it into a chat thats for all teens and tweens🌺 hopefully you end up joining! Just a chat for good vibes bored people and place for making friends with people your age:) Thx😇
Welcome to ★·.·´¯·.·★ Yandere Central ★·.·´¯·.·★ @everyone This server is a growing community focused on fun and entertainment activities as well as dating, We have fun bots and active members you can socialize with. Our server is all about being a Yandere. ---------------------------------------------------- This server has the following channels :dog: Pets :dog: :game_die: Gaming :game_die: :yum: Memes :yum: :musical_note: Music :musical_note: :art: Art :art: :100: And much much more! :100: --------------------------------------------------- Server Features :sparkler: Events & Giveaways! on a weekly basis :sparkler: :hammer_pick: Bots EXP gains :hammer_pick: (get high in the ranks!) :robot: Many fun bots you can use, Commands provided! :robot: :underage: SFW Server :underage: You must go through verification process to access NSFW
This server is a great server with lovely Members/Staff. It is also a chance to meet new people, learn about other countries and so on!
Welcome to Something for Everyone! In this server, we make sure YOU, (and your friends) can have the best experience on discord, although this server has very little members, it's new. We like to bring people together, whether they're a coder, gamer, artist or they just wanna study! We have it all here. Our staff team is always here for you, whether you've done bad in our server or good, we're always here for the members in Something for Everyone. We like to polish our server, and make sure nobody is bad. We have ban appeals, kick appeals, and everything you can imagine! We thank all the supporters out there and rank them, we also partner with many servers and do lots of events, we make sure you're happy here, and that all our other members are too. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Click that join button and join today! Owner - HeadlessFear#9699 Head Administrator - TotallyNotLeo#7845
Join us to celebrate all you’re favorite holidays! You can meet new people, talk about anything you’d like, and have tons of fun! Everyone is nice in this server and usually won’t start an argument! Join and have fun with the holidays this year!
just a place to make sharing the NSFW stuff we love and to make friends along the way
Socialize, make friends, enjoy other's presence and more! 100+ awesome members and counting.
Welcome all to Fairytail heros! This server is designed to talk about Fairytail, chat, have fun, and be ourselves. This server is for all you Fairytail lovers just like me! Everyone can be a character from Fairytail. If your lucky and some slots are open, you can even be a guild master! We even have cool bots here for you all to enjoy! Sounds fun! I hope you all cal enjoy and welcome to Magnolia's Fairytail!!!
A place for Sugar Mommies and Sugar Daddies. Come with us and chill, we have sweets. we are still growing!!!!! ;> winky face.