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After the Rebellion escapes Crait thanks to Luke Skywalker, they must regain their strength and search for allies. Rey continues her training while she tries rebuilding the Jedi Order. The First Order also has to regain their strength after their massive losses during battle and also get used to their new Supreme Leader, Kylo Ren. Join and help the Rebellion or the First Order bring peace to the galaxy! Or join to relive your favorite moments of all movies.
A brand new Star Wars rp, this server is set some time after the new trilogy, in terms of time, but it exists in a world where the new trilogy never happened. Come, join us and shape the world into the mould you wish it to be. Join in the ever raging war between Jedi and Sith as a Jedi Master, maybe Sith initiate, potentially a third party who has their own motives. It is up to you. We have a high-quality staff who have a load of knowledge about the Star Wars universe and are willing to help. Hope to see you there.
The Sith Empire is always open to new Acolytes to train and meditate under the dark side of the force, we always wanna have fun and hold a serious to semi-serious role-play among our numbers, we'd enjoy to have you among us and create your legacy with us. Join us and harvest the true power of the Dark-side!
Fun swtor rp server active and relaxed
Star Wars Community -- Meet new people and feel free to discuss thing about star wars, or don't talk bout Star Wars stuff, doesn't matter.
We are a server based on giving you the best experience! We offer a community of people with many possibilities in roleplaying.
A Star Wars themed role play where you can play out as a part of the Galactic Republic, The Sith Empire, or anything in between.
In a galaxy far far away where the Imperials rule the entire galaxy and cannot be stopped and will murder anybody in there path. Ranks:Most of them are pretty accrute and what not im pretty picky about them who gets them and which people tend to try and be unrealistic and add very small bios and expect sith. And are mostly earned About The Server:The admins are good and we got a good team of developers online most of the time and i feel like this server will do good