Steven Discord Servers

This is a nice little cosy server run by administrators who are all fans of steven universe! Here, you can roleplay, share OCS, and do lots more! There's also chats for other fandoms if that's what you like. There's not many rules, either; so it is a nice, chill, and layed-back server! Enjoy.
Welcome to Beach City to the Stars! This is a Steven Universe based roleplay, where you can make your own character or be a canon one!
A super fun and peaceful community that is always excited for new members. There are plenty of roles and if the one you want isnt there, u can make it or your own personal role at level 10. A lot of fun, semiactive channels to post in. Stop on in and enjoy 💙💚
A Steven Universe with a twist, it's set in the process of recolonizing an old planet with a special purpose! Gems from the old rebellion who fought for the world are now back in action, and are trying to convert gems from Homeworld! What will you choose? Homeworld, or the good of the planet? (This is a Long Term RP with an ever changing world. Once more people join, more events will be planned!)
This RP is a very friendly and kind place with very nice people. We love Steven Universe as well. The RP is a million years in the future from the current su show, so it's pretty cool. This RP could be moulded into something great! _______________________________________________________________________ ❖ Plenty of roles to choose from ✮ partnerships ❖ emotes ✮ an Unbelievaboat shop ❖ Cool Commands and more! What are you waiting for? Join us!
HI there! This is the Diamond Lounge server, we talk and roleplay about steven universe, We are very friendly, our diamond authority has 9 diamonds, the 4 canon ones are included! See ya soon!
A community server where you can express your love for any tv show or film, you can even suggest what you would like to see and run it.
Hello! This Is Steven Universe AU! Where we Roleplay Stuff About Steven Universe! This Is An AU So It Does Mean a There Are Going To Be Differences!!