Steven Universe Discord Servers

Bray and the Saltgays is a community based server owned by Bray (owner of cartoon clip channel Saltgay). Featuring channels for a variety of popular fandoms (Steven Universe, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Voltron, etc.) | strongly LGBTQ+ friendly | active nice staff | games | competitions | formerly Discord in a Bikini | New Server, old one deleted
This server is for people to connect with other Steven Universe fans, send fan art and have fun.
A Steven Universe RP Discord where you can make friends theorize role play as your favorite Steven Universe character or make one of your own
Steven Universe Roleplay! Create your very own character, choose from an assortment of different species, Gem types, weapons, and more! Open up your mind to any possibilities, here in the Steven universe Roleplay!
This is a small Discord community with Steven universe fans who come to have a good time, we are very small but hopefully that changes xD
Feel free to join **Steven Universes** We have a Diamond Authority, high class gems, elite soldiers, foot soldiers, pearls, and more! You may be a homeworld gem, a rebel, fusion, corruption, hybrid, or a human(and more) There is an art channel, commission channel, weekly art events, and so much more than I can list! We welcome you to our server!
This is a server for Steven Universe. If you have a quartz username or nickname you get a role.
This is a nice little cosy server run by administrators who are all fans of steven universe! Here, you can roleplay, share OCS, and do lots more! There's also chats for other fandoms if that's what you like. There's not many rules, either; so it is a nice, chill, and layed-back server! Enjoy.
Hi, and welcome to the Steven Universe RP! We're a brand new server hoping to make new friends and build up a community! We're open and welcome to users of all ages and levels of experience, so anyone can feel free to join! With roleplay, art, show discussion, chatting, and more, there's always something for everyone. So come join us and be a part of the group!
A chill server for nerds n' shit to talk and hang out^^ i just want friends-
Come on in! Have fun with the diamonds, become a royal pearl. Hangout laugh and giggle. Welcome to the Kid-friendly Steven Universe Roleplay Server there is! Make your own gem, diamond or even human-gem! Anything possiable :3. JOIN NOW AND GET THE FREE CLOD ROLE