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Feel free to join **Steven Universes** We have a Diamond Authority, high class gems, elite soldiers, foot soldiers, pearls, and more! You may be a homeworld gem, a rebel, fusion, corruption, hybrid, or a human(and more) There is an art channel, commission channel, weekly art events, and so much more than I can list! We welcome you to our server!
this is a fun place to rp and make friends! don't bother with purple pearl and white they always fight but they are friends! I hope we become friends!! ^^
Hi, and welcome to the Steven Universe RP! We're a brand new server hoping to make new friends and build up a community! We're open and welcome to users of all ages and levels of experience, so anyone can feel free to join! With roleplay, art, show discussion, chatting, and more, there's always something for everyone. So come join us and be a part of the group!
Hello! Welcome to the Steven universe fans server! Here’s some stuff you can do! +Drawing, commissions and a lot of events when we reach to 20-30 members! +Active owner and administrator! +Kind people from around the world! +Cool bots! +And lots more!
Hello there and welcome to the World of The Gems! The World of the Gems is an rp server dedicated to Steven universe, but other than rp, we have out of rp channels, music channels, and a bot among other things. If you like Steven Universe, then I hope you will enjoy our server! You are very welcome to join! (We have other Diamonds than just Blue and Yellow)
This server is a Steven universe fandom rp discord. It has 10 diamonds and 10 pearls. Currently green diamond is rebelleing. She is the most powerful diamond of all. The current gems we have available are Ivanite and any gem of your choice. We would like for you to join and rp! You have to be active to be a diamond tho. The current diamond available is blue diamond. The old blue diamond left. Sad, right? Ok that's it for today... We'll explain in the server.
Steven Universe RP set in an AU where you play as either an Off Color, or a Color Captor (Gems assigned by the Diamonds to capture the Off Colors).
A server dedicated to cartoons. Currently it's on hiatus and rebuilding itself.
A chill RP server for Steven Universe OCs. Join us for tons of fun, cool upcoming events, and in-call roleplaying! Complete with era 1 and era 2 insignias, lore and even OC DIAMONDS.
PleasPlease Join my srever it woukd mean the world to me! We have many perks such as Great coustum economy Friendly admins, HRS, and Diamonds Great comunity Roleplay Bots Music And more So join our server so you can have a great time with us.