Subreddit Discord Servers

We are the official Subreddit Discord Server for r/Google. We primarily discuss Google-related content as well as providing technical support to users.
The Pitchfork Emporium Discord is a fun server based off of the popular subreddit, r/PitchforkEmporium (32,000 subscribers). This server is filled with nice people, an active community, server-wide events including movie night, Mafia, and our very own custom bot! We have a supportive community that vent to each other, help each other, and support each other!
We are a small family that posts memes and share subreddits. If you want to laugh a bit, come and see us. But excuse me what the f. We have music channels and a lot of funny emotes that you could use, and there's a NSFW channel. Sure there is a couple of rules for language but you can easily talk with cursed words except for a couple of ones.