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Manhattan is an elaborate roleplay server semi-based around the "Heroes" TV show. It involves young adults with supernatural abilities attempting to live a normal life in New York City while also trying to keep their powers hidden from a hostile organization that is practically hunting them down. We're a very friendly and welcoming small group of roleplayers and are really just here to have fun, so unkind behavior will be tolerated. Feel free to join and roleplay with us, we'd love to have you!
Owner: @♛ 𝙺𝙾𝙺𝙸𝙲𝙷𝙸 ♛#8901 Status: New Have you ever wanted superpowers, to become Venom, or hell, even have an Infinity Stone? Then this is the palce for you! We have everything, but if you have suggestions, DM the owner!
We are a new roleplay server that is based around the emergence of superpowers among the human race. Currently looking for active members and staff members, though we may also change the theme if we find the need.
-- Welcome To My Hell Student!! -- “There was once a man, Reficul- an antichrist born from Lucifer's lies and sin, and named right from him. He lived hundreds of years on earth, committing sins, for he was born to do so- but he hated it. He loathed every second, so he went to God. He made a proposition, knowing what his father has done to some humans. He created humans with powers, abnormalities, to which he chose to dub them ‘Phantoms,’ Reficul proposed to God, that he would create a school for them, a sanction where they can live happier lives, away from a world that loathes their powers. God accepted the proposition, giving Reficul his powers back. From then on, Reficul has owned a school, one that eld powerful humans, ones that are capable of murder- and lies. His job is to teach them to be truly powerful, and to fight against his father.’ So what will you do, kid? Will you listen to my schools teachings and live correctly? Or give in to my father, and die an idiot?”
While in this discord you'll learn that even the simplicity any complex situation exceeds even beyond the comprehension of logical explanation. This important to know, because if you enter the discord without a brain compacity of total weird and extravagant imagining skills, you'll more than likely be overwhelmed by the absolute impact of awesomeness and dedication this amino represent. We try to have activities and challenges for all. This discord forces you to improve. Although some of the members have a slightly more cold personality, it's essential for the discord as a whole.
Year 2280 mutants are beginning to appear around the globe. Mutants are human beings who are born with unnatural abilities and attributes. At first it was simple like kids being born with an enhanced sense of smell or being able to glow in the dark, random shit like that, but then over time it became more complex with kids being able to fly or read minds. Regular human beings began to fear and hate the 1% of the population that made up all mutants, so they segregated them having all mutant schools and only mutant stores and whatnot this went on until the year 2304 when the newly elected President Linden Cohen got rid of those laws as it was his dream for mutants and humans to live in harmony together. But even though he did that, there are still people who want to see all the mutants dead. You can make your own characters or use canon xmen characters (It's only loosely based on the X men)
It's the year 2035, the supernatural powers in comics have become reality, and the ones possessing them are shunned by birth, this sub-species of human are called Superhomo-sapiens, or superhumans, only 210,000 exist currently that have been found out, the first appearing in California, USA, having the power to manipulate emotions. The government hunts them down for experiments and to perhaps even turn them into part of their special military unit, C.L.A.W. which is a superhuman unit that specializes in capturing Superhomosapiens. It's your choice now, be an android who escapes their human master's cage and becomes a "criminal", a superhomosapien fighting against c.l.a.w. or trying to live a normal life, or a c.l.a.w. member part of the secret organization designed to capture superhumans and experiment on them, or forcefully brainwash them into to joining the c.l.a.w. -Server inspired by detroit become human, my hero academia, sci-fi games like cyberpunk 2077 and many more, splinter cell. -Semi-Active
This server is a brand new currently small roleplay of friends that want to have a good time. If you join you can meet some new friends and have some fun roleplaying. We also partner with other roleplay servers to help show our members as many roleplay was possible!
In Silverwind high or well...the country, not alot of people are fond of those with special abilities. Some years ago, people with special abilities/powers were kicked out of their homes, now stated "illegal", and forced to move. But, some "specials" hid out, and are hiding their powers till this day. Anyone that is "special" is considered an outlaw. After generations, people with special abilities are uncommon, "extinct" you could say... or that's what people think. A ambitious group of kids (the roleplayers hahaha) decided to form a group to make those with powers legal again.
No More Limits is a forum-based comic book and MHA-inspired original roleplay setting currently set in an alternate history Neo-China with various science fiction elements. The story and pacing are governed by community-hosted events in a world of meta-humans, lights, cameras, and action! There's good and evil on both sides of the conflict, be they a Superstar fighting to keep the peace or a Rebel fighting to change the world. TL;DR People got superpowers. Go crazy. You can visit the Discord and meet the community by clicking the big "Join this Server" button, and you can visit the site proper by following this link: We hope to see you there! Welcome aboard!