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pls join we're active and lonely sjkdjsj
We are a fun community about talking and communication. And if you asked some of the members would roleplay with you.
기존의 서버를 제가 처음부터 다시 만든 2기 오시입니다. 이전 서버 초대링크는 더 이상 접속되지 않으므로 이 쪽으로 들어와 주세요. 예전 보다 더 나아진 모습으로 돌아왔습니다. 여러분 안녕하세요!! 오후의 시간가게는 한국인 어드민이 운영하는 한국 서버이며 주로 우리나라 디스코드 유저분들을 위해 만들어졌습니다. 저희 서버는 한국어 및 영어로 편안하고 활발한 대화가 이루어지는 안전한 커뮤니티입니다. 디스코드 한국인 유저분들께서 퍼블릭 서버에 들어오셔서 편히 대화하고 친하게 지냈으면 하는 바램으로 만든 서버입니다. 음악봇과 경제 시스템, 펫과 밈 커맨드도 있어 재미를 더하였고 드라마, 게임, 독서 등의 주제로 채널을 개설하여 다양한 지식 분야를 아우르는 서버로 만들기 위해 노력했습니다. 또한 제가 개설한 방에서 다 같이 영화를 감상할 수 있는 이벤트도 계획하고 있습니다. 11월 16일 기준으로 2기 오시를 개설 하였고 이전과 다름 없이 제가 애정을 갖고 매일 가꾸어 나가는 소중한 서버입니다. 재건이 되었기 때문에 2기 서버에 계신 분들은 기존 에 자주 활동을 하신 시니어 유저 분들입니다. 앞으로도 한국인 유저분들을 위해 편리하고 보다 활발한 커뮤니티를 만드는게 운영 목표입니다. 서버에 오신 여러분 모두 환영해요 ~ (스팸은 사절) 운영자: @푸르디푸른달빛 모더레이터: @ㅂrㄴrㄴr ^^서버 운영자가 실은 고양이라는 소문이 있습니다..
Welcome to Shot of Drawva, a hub for feedback and striving artists of all kinds! Drawva is a hub for all kinds of artists, including the likes of writers and musicians to gather and both provide/give feedback to one another on your works. Whether you're here to just have some banter with those like you or find new ways to better yourself, you'd surely enjoy yourself here. What we got : • A growing community, weeding out disrespectful members as they come. • Weekly challenges for the community! • Opportunities to discover new techniques and further your skills through feedback with other artists/writers/musicians. • A gallery and album, coming from people like yourself. • User updated resources that will be publicly available for use, with mainly original content. Be chill : • Don't hesitate to ask questions. More often than not you'll get an answer.
Community of LGBTQ+ people of all ages with channels for talking and events. We have channels for talking, selfies, politics, entertainment, music, and more. We hold as many community events such as movie night, gaming night, karaoke, and anything else that's fun! We're a growing community and would love for members to be apart of our beginnings. 13+ only. No NSFW.
active with a lot of e-boys and e-girls looking for love ;>>>> Welcome to Withinside! I am a guy who has just made this server, meaning I need all the help I can get to pull this thing off! :) This also means I am looking for staff, actives, and more! ----- I am mainly looking for growth, and aspire to create an active base where I can hop on and see people talking and texting whenever. I love seeing people happy, making friends. ----- Well, what can I bring you? Withinside includes ~Self roles ~Fun bots ~Dating (Possibly c;) ~Random discussion ~Daily polls ~Events (such as karaoke) ~New people to meet Interested yet? Well join now! :) Invite code:
Wir sind ein aktiver neuer Server der neue Chilis sucht xD freuen uns auf dich :) auf diesem Server kannst du neue Leute kennenlernen oder sogar Freundschaften Gründen :D
Discord Commerce Central is a place that makes it easy to make money on Discord. Unlike other websites/communities, we make it easy for newcomers to show off their skills and make money. Of course, professionals/pioneers are also just as welcome!
Just a normal server to chill and talk about anything you want. You can vent tell each other about music and art as well. Its pretty small so far so we hope to get new members.
We are a nice chill place just looking for people that want to talk and relax, so join and be part of our community!
Gaming, Unterhaltungen und chilliges Abhängen ;P