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This Discord server is intended for the community for those who would like to communicate with others about different topics they are interested in. We are a group of very friendly people who talk about everything including life, technology, games, anime and funny jokes. Subsections include: - Chat - Fun - Tech - Learning - Anime
We want everyone to have a good time.
Join us group of Fellow Pakistani Gaming nerds
You can do whatever you want on this server just have fun. I want to get more people in here to diversify the server. As long as you dont discriminate and follow the rules you are allowed.
Anyone wanna join my server? Its mainly about anime and gaming but if you wanna just join to casually chat and hang out with others that's also cool. Just follow the simple rules and you're all good. We're a small server, as we just recently started but we're eager to grow and make a great community.
Interested in a discord server where you can do almost everything without getting banned? You could say it's like the wild west of discord servers. Programmers/Hackers/Crackers welcome. I'm a programmer myself. Advertise whatever you want. Almost no rules! (Shitposting, Hentai, Hitler, Anime etc.) Write and upload almost everything you want. We have self developed bots that you will only find on this server who: -Show you live server attacks -Scan for steam keys on websites -Track IPs -Check if an IPs is a Tor IP -And more IRC Server available.
A friendly community dedicated to providing an ideal place for gamers and those who are interested in tech.
Regulations Hi everyone, after a long time I decided to re-create this xD server -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------ - Cursing and insult in any way - harassing other players while in the middle of the game - There are no commercials except in textual advertising channels (if any) + change the nickname + spam only in the text channel spam Website: -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- Ranks are automatically assigned to your writing level. Lvl. 3 Bronze 1 Lvl. 7 Bronze 2 Lvl. 11 Bronze 3 Lvl. 15 Silver 1 Lvl. 18 Silver 2 Lvl. 23 Silver 3 Lvl. 25 Gold 1 Lvl. 28 Gold 2 Lvl. 32 Gold 3 Lvl. 35 Crystal 1 Lvl. 40 Cristal 2 Lvl. 48 Crystal 3 Lvl. 50 Master 1 Lvl. 53 Master 2 Lvl. 56 Master 3 Lvl. 60 Champion 1 Lvl. 65 Champion 2 Lvl. 73 Champion 3 Lvl. 95 Titan 1 Lvl. 125 Titan 2 Lvl. 150 Titan 3 -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
if you want to make some friends , ask advice in anything , or just a server where you can spend a few hours messaging someone , this server got you covered
Hi this server Is a comunity about gaming and specially roblox We mostly focus on Chatting And people that are being rude but you dont haft to worry about that what this server is about/roblox,MMP,Gaming,tech,music,memes,nights that means game nights music nights movie nights! :D
come and hate apple with us