Teens Discord Servers

We have members of ages of 13-18 any age is allowed. We will protect you and make sure you are safe of any catfishing, trolls, etc. If you wanna find some friends you can hang with its all good fun to have in this community, You can also talk with friends while playing games. All genders accepted either that be Male, Female, Trans Male, Trans Female,
☾ Grunge and edgy teens ☽ No serious annoying people, that shit is whack. Memes welcome any day. Other than that there's nothing much for me to say.
Join this Chat girls, eboys etc.. Chat, Chill Vibe Music... Friends needed join here 💃EGirl Role 🏃Eboy Role 🎧DJ ROLE 🚨STAFF Role... Discord ❌SQUAD❌ Family |J0IN^^
This server is for anyone 17 and under! Anyone older will be kicked out! Or banned. Just started so not that many people but help me grow it into a chat thats for all teens and tweens🌺 hopefully you end up joining! Just a chat for good vibes bored people and place for making friends with people your age:) Thx😇 https://discord.gg/kuWsk4
🌹D'S Dating Server 🌹 A just started dating server ready to grow! We have: - Chats - Self-roles - Games - E-girls - Nice Owner :) And we are adding more things! https://discord.gg/GuhKEg7
You're guaranteed to have a unique experience here because the owner is always online and chatting in general We have a lot of self-roles and an introduction channel I have a cat and he meows i don't know what else you could need We have daily posts and polls if you're into that
Theres not really any set topic here atm but just come check us out if ya want to have a good chat with some people or get to know me better 😉 if u join i'll love u forever ❤
∘ ♡ ☾ l o v e c o v e ☽ ∘ ♡ ❝what is love cove?❞ love cove is a community-based 13+ lgbtq+ friendly dating server where you can express your emotions, talk to people with similar interests, find people you can relate to, and fit right in! it's a friendly place where you're able to do as you please and just have fun! the server is judgement-free, meaning you're allowed to do things without being judged by other members! *perks!!- * ❥ « lgbtq+ accepted! ∘ ♡ ༉ 》 ❥ « judgement-free zone! ∘ ♡ ༉ 》 ❥ « amazing & friendly people! ∘ ♡ ༉ 》 ❥ « a small, growing community! ∘ ♡ ༉ 》 ❥ « choose to date or chill.. or both! ∘ ♡ ༉ 》 ❥ « a staff team to take care of creeps! ∘ ♡ ༉ 》 ❥ « optional verification to prevent catfishes! ∘ ♡ ༉ 》 « f e e l f r e e t o j o i n ! ! »
A community for epic gamers that wanna chill and shit post about anything and everything. I hope you join and enjoy your stay in shit post hell.
This is a 13-17, chatting and dating server! We aim to be a safe place to meet new people!
This server is a safe place, open to everyone and anyone. This is a place where people can hang out, have fun, and make new friends! c: Feel free to join us! (English/Español)
Are you seeking for love and friendship online? Well then this is the kind of server you would like to join. Boys to girls ratio is 1:2!!! We promise you a great time in this server, invite 10 members and get real gifts from Owners