Therapy Discord Servers

We're a social server for people who want to meet new friends! friendly people, and qualified staff. Staff positions are available. we are looking to grow our community!
A little place where you can receive some help or a lover, if you're feeling a bit down. We will not judge you. You can also feel safe here nobody to hurt you.
Welcome to Halloverse!~ Main Creator: halloweed Heya! I am halloweed, obvi the creator and owner of this server. There are other staff members who work with me to create fun events *psst there is an event right now, go check it out* and a lot of other things! We are a community of the tags above. Noticing social, it means that we are very kind and respectful. Nsfw, hmm.. people are quite kinky. Mature, yes, most people are matured. English, yes English only please! Therapy, hmmm... A lot of my friends tell me I would make a good therapist and that i have helped them a lot with their problems, i decided to practice with this! There is a server family tree running, but its very small atm (ples join we're lonely potaotes qnq) More updates coming soon!~ Want to know more? Join!!
A discord for people who are going through a hard time, whether it be issues at home, or with mental health, we're here to listen.
A nice chill server with no drama, arguments or trolls.
My discord is a little bit of everything. From memes to therapy and i never thought i would type that in a sentence. We also have games and a dank memer bot for economy. With rhythm bot for tunes. Not many rules just dont bully. We have a very small community so enjoy! (Theres politics to but it limits my tags REEEEEEEE)
TheHub A chilled out, friendly community of people who just want to hangout, make friends, play some games and even talk about anime, we have level rewards, currency and will soon have minigames.
A Kingdom for all peoples. All subjects spoken of, nsfw and hentai corner, memes and even a therapeutic corner for when you’re not feeling your best. Open minded.
Hope is a place dedicated to helping others and “creating a safe place for people to open up about the various issues. The connotation of the phrase “safe space” can be understood as an area of help, where someone feeling “safe” is understood as the feeling of comfort with the area and people around themselves, yet the connotation of “safe space” is an area of mental warmth where the feelings of being wanted and trusted are present.
A chill Halloween themed community server.
Just a place to chill and talk shit