Universe Discord Servers

Are looking for a music community? You are at the right place! Welcome to Music Universetm where we gather all people around the world through singing, arts and performance and share our passions and that includes YOU. ——————————————————— ♡ | Active members all around the world! ♡ | Self assignable roles that you can join. ♡ | We do scheduled audition for every timezone possible and amazing open mic everyday. ♡ | Amazing staff, judges and educators who helps us to improve! ♡ | Daily contests and giveaway held by our lovely staff. ♡ | We're also open for partnership. If you are interested come and talk to our partnership manager.
This is a nice little cosy server run by administrators who are all fans of steven universe! Here, you can roleplay, share OCS, and do lots more! There's also chats for other fandoms if that's what you like. There's not many rules, either; so it is a nice, chill, and layed-back server! Enjoy.
We are an MRP, or Medium RP server. We tend to be realistic, but not as realistic as having to RP breathing every 2 seconds. Universe Cluster is based on, you probably guessed it, a cluster of universes. People can travel to different universes by crossing a border, using high-tech ships. Currently, not many universes are available (as each universe has many planets, and those planets have cities etc) but I'm currently working on it.
The Rules of the Universe are universal laws all men, women, children, plants, animals, and beings must follow. However, with so many people spouting lies, there is no real way to spread the REAL rules of the Universe, except with this. These rules will guide you, as a being of sentience, on how to become a perfect being. Obey these rules and you will succeed. Sometimes the hardest choices require the strongest wills.
Welcome to Beach City to the Stars! This is a Steven Universe based roleplay, where you can make your own character or be a canon one!
This is a server dedicate to Steven Universe where you can create your own original characters and RP.
A super fun and peaceful community that is always excited for new members. There are plenty of roles and if the one you want isnt there, u can make it or your own personal role at level 10. A lot of fun, semiactive channels to post in. Stop on in and enjoy 💙💚
A Steven Universe with a twist, it's set in the process of recolonizing an old planet with a special purpose! Gems from the old rebellion who fought for the world are now back in action, and are trying to convert gems from Homeworld! What will you choose? Homeworld, or the good of the planet? (This is a Long Term RP with an ever changing world. Once more people join, more events will be planned!)
This RP is a very friendly and kind place with very nice people. We love Steven Universe as well. The RP is a million years in the future from the current su show, so it's pretty cool. This RP could be moulded into something great! _______________________________________________________________________ ❖ Plenty of roles to choose from ✮ partnerships ❖ emotes ✮ an Unbelievaboat shop ❖ Cool Commands and more! What are you waiting for? Join us!