University Discord Servers

This is purely a realistic university roleplay. We have a few other roleplay servers as well, all realistic and no fairytale crap. This server is based on the University life, and its pretty active! We really just need more members to play with c:
Rookshaven Academy and University RPSL Rookshaven is a modern group story set in a private magic university in Northern Scotland. With civil war threatening the community at large, students and teachers will find themselves targeted by Castors seeking to overthrow their way of life and kill off the royal magic families. Ghosts and demons amass beyond the iron-charmed gates of Rookshaven, slowly seeping into the magic-steeped grounds. Fight or flight is the question on everyone's minds - which will you choose? Additionally, if you're not sure if this is the game for you, there's an NPC library for applicants to checkout characters like books. Give the character a spin, see if you like the setting, then apply.
Discord University is an all-new server whose purpose is to promote and educate people about STEM-related topics as well as more general academic topics. Join our community of students, academics, and professionals today and learn more about anything you could ever want to!
Philadelphia, is a school / University based Roleplay, from the co-creator of Arkiynia Roleplay. Philadelphia is sort of nsfw, depends where you make your story go. Rule here will be very limited, less rules more fun. Join the Philadelphia.
This is not just any university, considering there is some students that need to be taught some things... to unleash their power and to graduate and to be watched under the eye of the headmistress herself, how would you hold up in this university?
Welcome to Yates University! Since the school is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the time is in real time by EST. For example: if it was 3:03 PM EST in Toronto in real life, then it’d be 3:03 PM EST in roleplay as well. The school had been founded and standing since 1902. It was built on University Avenue in Toronto, Canada by a woman by the name of Patricia Yates. She was a half Korean, half Ethiopian living in Toronto. She was an interesting and intellectual woman who’d became rich after receiving enough money from her father that lived in the States. Soon, she built the school on vacant property and built it. Since then, she became the first Dean and took in many students. The school expanded over the years and soon gained more Professors and more Students. The campus expanded in 1981 and with it, new clubs! The school continues to stand and boom. (Yates University is not a real University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) We have: • 21 Extracurricular Activities (Clubs)! • 7 Musical Groups to join! • Fun bots to interact with! • Funny and cute custom emojis! • Partnerships always open! • Located in a REAL city! Welcome to Yates University! Thank you for choosing our school and we have high hopes that you enjoy our roleplay and community!
There’s been a rumor floating around for some time now. There’s been what, hundreds of these things floating around the university and city for a while now? Apparently you can take a midnight train down the line and meet some ghosts as the end. It’s probably a bunch of shit, yes, but something seems off about this one. . . A man stands in an alley, selling what has been said to be “tickets to another land.” Only an idiot would buy one, but then again, what’s the harm in checking it out? You and your friends and acquaintances are planning on buying a few of these tickets, and taking the train to wherever it may lead. While this may seem a little strange, it’s completely normal here in Acore. ‘Rumors from Acore’ is technically an Urban Fantasy Roleplay server set in fictional Windway University and its surrounding areas. Your characters will be average college students attending the university. This is basically an Action based roleplay with Slice of life elements sprinkled in.
Role-play; This role-play is based on a popular University, in which werewolves and humans co-exist. To this day, werewolves and human's seem to get along well in the happy town that they call home. Of course, there are those who believe that werewolves should not be allowed to exist, and thus conflict is a occasional occurrence, if it be a small fight or something worse. Join the story now and create your own path, as human or werewolf. Server; This server has friendly staff who're online almost 24/7 for your benefits to always improve the server in order to make you happy. This server is always improving and growing. As well as role-play, we have chat's for people to hang out in or have a little fun using the bots we have. We also have a recommendation channel, so you can recommend bots or other ways to help us make you happy.
A furry roleplaying game that is open to everyone, humans included. Currently, the server owner is in the process of developing the text-based combat system. "When several students go missing, and authorities are left clueless, it’s up to the campus body to uncover the dark secrets buried beneath Draconia University."
Sakurasu University is a Freshly Baked server! Sorry for the pun, but here you can create your Character and use it to interact with other people! So basically role-playing. We offer NSFW channels and SFW channels and Yes ERP is allowed here so why not come and join the fun.
Science and Technology is one of the leading Discord scientific community. What originally started off as a small private community for sharing scientific discussion grew well into a public society with over 9,000+ members and more growing every days. Our members range from high schoolers, college students, postgraduates, as well as people from different background!
Welcome to the Love and Lust University! Create your own student or teacher in this server. Make them strive for the dream they want to achieve. Become a teacher and teach your student how to harness hidden powers! Be a one-of-a-kind character with any species you'd like to become, and spar with others to become a great fighter. Anything is possible in the server!