Vent Discord Servers

We're a virtual family, the one you never had but always wanted, if there are any problems then you can go there and even vent, We like anime Games and are very are welcoming, it's a safe place to chill, chat, team up and make friends. It would be a pleasure for you to join our Discord!
when skies are gray don't give up hope just yet, clear skies are in the forecast A server for when the skies seem gray. When you need people not only to listen, but to care What is there to do on the server? listen to music, talk about your dreams, relax with some chill people, 🎤🎶karaoke Palooza🎶🎤 (karaoke Fridays) the list of stuff to do on the server will increase later on
Welcome to Vent and Tea! Here, you will find you have many choices and things to do and/or talk about. You can choose from many role colors, categories and activities. The more active you are, the more you will be recognized. Active members are typically granted special roles that grant access to special channels. We are an LGBT+ safe community for people who need somewhere to occupy themselves and makesfriends, or vent and rant about whatever they might need to vent and rant about. We have many varieties of colors such as pastel colors, neon colors, and dark colors for you to choose from. There are many roles that allow you access to the channels you want to be exposed tp, that way you aren't exposed to topics you wouldn't want to be. This server is very new, and we are planning on growing as much as possible. We would love it if you came in and joined us for some Venting and Tea!
We are basically a server that breaks every law at the time '12AM'. It is the time when the world has fully spun and everyone is ready to grab their knives and STAB, STRANGLE, DROWN, HANG people. This server does not accept gore though as it is against the TOS.
We have just over 50 members, and we have a very friendly community! We have self assignable roles, colors, and a custom bot! Please, join today!
Just a fun server to chat,vent or get support
This is a server for NSFW content however we also have channels were to talk and if you need help because you’re going through something hard we can also it doesn’t matter what
This isn't an actual Tech Support server, so if you had planned of joining for that reason then please reconsider. With that said, I'd really appreciate for you to join my server, it's a place for memes 'n' stuufs.....we have a vent channel, no rules, colored roles, an NSFW channel, and lots more!
This is Emo introverts. A place for your emoness, loneliness and your introverts. And crazy voices :)
a small community focused on emotional support and hobbies like gaming, vocaloid & more.
hey!, we are just some guys (and girls) trying to have some fun on discord, talk about what you want, we don't mind, as long as it isn't anything horrible, come and hang out with us, you might like it here <3
GIVING AWAY 5 BRAZZER ACCOUNTS!!! Need a server to vent in? wanna be depressed and vent to a person instead of an empty chat? were her to make you feel less depressed again. we care about you and want you to feel good. YOUR PROBLEMS = OUR PROBLEMS were here to help. we also have dating NSFW SELFIES MUSIC BOTS