Video Games Discord Servers

Inclusive server filled with friendly people :) We're a very tight knit community too and we have vcs where we game together daily. Most of us here are gamers and we play on PC and PS4. There are a handful of female gamers in this server too :D We also have various channels for NSFW, anime,memes,etc
Here is a small Overwatch discord server. This server is for anything and everything overwatch. It is really small, and I am just getting the jist of making my own servers. We also have plan to play channels and even some rp thrown in the mix. We love to discuss the newest updates and always welcome new members!
This server is for people who are looking to make friends and maybe play some video games we may be small now but we're hoping to grow a bit by using this bot. our server is community built which means that YOU build the channels and categorys
This is Bumble's Hive. It's Bumble's Hive, where he does Bumble things and it's in a hive. It's also run by Bumble. Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT a hive. We talk about vidya games. Basically. And I also like to talk to people in voice chat. So yeah. Join please.
Hey! My name is Laggo Morpha, and this is my studio. This server is basically your average furry server which you can talk to other furs, play v/games with people and upload your work here. Play by the rules and otherwise, have fun. Come and join
Respawn 256 is a crossover RP of pretty much every video game you can think of. We are looking for dedicated and reliable players. The setting: Every video game has their own world, their own universe. They are all connected by the Overworld, an amalgamation of all video game worlds. There are many ways to travel between these worlds. The RP: The roleplay will be very freeform. There are DM's that can lead a scenario, but players can also play without a DM and just have their characters roam around freely. Creativity is key. The players play a big part in creating and shaping the lore of the rp. I hope to see you soon!
We are a small group looking to build friends and play some games together. We currently play Astroneer, Conan exiles, COD, Minecraft, Fortnite, Sea of Theives, Rainbow six, Monster Hunter, No Mans Sky and much more. If you wana going is and have some fun! All are welcome!
HI everyone ! This server is an international community of gamers ! I am the admin of this server; I created this one because I had a server with friend for playing with fun and I saw that they wanted to invite their friends. So i thought: Why not create a server for a community ! This server is international. In the general tchat please speak in English. For each game i will create a channel in English, in French, in German. There is even general tchats in English, French and German ! And other.... You can invite all your friends who play video games ! I will create a channel for a game if there are more than 5 person who are playing the game.
Roleplay or chat about the focused franchises. All fans are wlecome but if you're going to rp para/semi-para only! No oneliners.
What is K艒sen 浜ゆ垿? It's a small (for right now) community of people that just want to socialize with each other, talk about common interests, and break out of our shells a bit.
A large collection of discussion channels for just about anyone. Come join us!
馃崋STAFF NEEDED 馃崋 Hello! I have just launched a discord server for all minecrafters. A place you can play games, enter giveaways, talk to youtubers and even more! The invite link will be below! We also have "User XP". When you talk, you gain! You can also gain money from chatting and use that to customise your avatar and level up screen! I hope you like this discord server to hang about in so... See you there..... I guess?? Friendly Staff 馃憤 Growing community馃槈 Music Nights 馃幎 Collect coins from being active 馃捀 And use coins to change you avatar 馃挻 Weekly Giveaways 馃帀 Clever Bots 馃懟 Game stats 馃帶 Permanent Invite: