War Discord Servers

This RP takes place during the War of Cybertron. Will you join the noble Autobots? or the tyrannical Decepticons? Join and Choose your side of this War.
In the age of 4025, Humanity has increased it's reaches to outer space. Although several alien races threaten our very survival. Who's side will you take? Who will you fight for? Join and pick a side.
Infinity Arena is a Roleplay server based around Roleplay Combat. We welcome roleplayers on all levels! If you like to fight or do mass warfare roleplay, we are the server you want to be in! Our combat arenas and themes are infinite, meaning if you have somewhere you'd like to fight, we have room for the channel in one of our categories; Realistic, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Anime
🌸 Welcome all to the land of Asgar! Here, we are a friendly role-play chat that accepts anyone and everyone. Can't type more than one line? NO PROBLEM, we don't judge by the way you role-play we just want everyone to have fun. Connect with other and group up to defeat world bosses, or train to the core to battle one of our powerful knights. *Toots horn* "Hey! Solenia here! I can't wait to have you join my wonderful and friendly kingdom. Please remember to visit us for more information! Got a question? No problem! I'll be around to help you with all your needs! Oh! Also if you wish to be the super duper mean villain, we got roles for bad people too!" *Horn toots* Well there you have, do stop on by and have a look around. See you there! 🌸
This is a new roleplay/strategy war Discord server, where players lead the country of their choice or be a rebel partisan group that strives to take over land, forge alliances, and become the best nation (or partisan) there is. The game has not yet started/been released, but there is a lobby which people can chat in and wait for the release of the game. People who join now will get an extra $200 in-game!
Here we talk about military stuff, tanks, planes, missiles etc... In french and english !
A girls und panzer war thunder server for fans of war thunder and girls und panzer, panzer vor!
The Ancient World is a nation RP game where you take control of one of many ancient nations in the year of 270 B.C. Conquer the world, or become the richest there is. The choice is yours.
Greetings... New Leader... and welcome to Nations at war! A World where once a Great union ruled over the World... until the Destruction of Enbra... Will you be the one restoring its full glory back? Or fall under the many other nations that will only see a slim time of freedom..? Greetings! Im freak1jk creator of this server! If you are new to this then i recommend you to look at our Rules and other information before you submitt your nation to us! This server includes: -Economy Bot and The usual Rp and Economy bot!! -Friendly staffs! -Fresh new World -Great battle system! -AND much, much more! What you waiting for? Join us and have fun!
Divided Kingdoms is a discord group for a forum that I manage, which is now semi active, we are hoping to get new members to allow us to grow as group.
You want a new RP server but don't know on which theme ? A new RolePlay server as just open, founded by Jus de Patate#0190, Maître Béluga#0495 et Scaravageur#3460 This server has as theme "Clans Wars", you can create a clan for you and you friend !! This server is frenglish but everyone is welcome !! We are open to recruitment and ideas ;)
DO you like Helldivers? Do you enjoy realism in your roleplays? Do you enjoy having to think before performing in tactical situations against the enemy? Do you wish to use Democracy to claim back our home?! Look no further than IGMC - Orion Unit. IGMC stands for the "Inter-Galactic Marine Corps" and is inspired by the highly acclaimed top-down shooter Helldivers. This is similar but different in how there are professions and loadouts that you have to follow. There are rules that you must follow or you will receive punishment. This is a serious roleplay but casual OOC server, meaning you can't joke around in roleplay or anything of the like. In order to be apart of the server, you must be at least 18+, whenever the staff team wishes we can ask for physical and valid proof that you are 18+, but we trust you in the beginning. If you wish to know more, feel free to come onto the server and DM me with any questions you may have!