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— Welcome! You find your paws tied, which Clan would you choose? ThornClan? Or FlameClan? **Welcome To Separate Scents! Hope You Enjoy It Here! If Have Any Questions, Ask Me! Please Read - #rules Make Your Character At - #thornclan-bios #flameclan-bios #clanless-bios If You Wanna Know More Info About The Clans, Read - fire #about-flameclan ear_of_rice #about-thornclan cloud #origins-of-clans Interested In Roleplay? Great! We want all of our members to be happy in this server! If you wanna know about upcoming events, see here! - #announcements Also, we have mod applications open, see here to apply! - #applications Make your character anytime you want! Chill commuity, we won't rush you! If you want, you may invite friends! Cool by me! https://discord.gg/aa94R5k
✨A brand new Warrior Cats RP server. Always looking for more friends to join the community! Please read till end!✨ ¯°•º¤◆¤º°¯ ¯°•º¤◆¤º°¯ ¯°•º¤◆¤º°¯ Once there was nothing but twolegs & creatures in this land. As time passed some strays, loners(former clan cats mostly) and kittypets settled down together to form communities. New Clans. Within a few generations you could hardly tell that there had never been any clan cats here. From near nothing four groups had arisen: MossClan, BrambleClan, CreekClan & StoneClan. Four groups all together under Silverpelt and guided by the warrior code. In times of crisis, when the clans cannot seem to find a solution they often confer with their medicine cat’s and StarClan to see if they may receive any hints as to how to solve the dilemma. Hence the name Oracle Plains. Despite this fact most nowadays try to solve things on their own as a clan rather than rely on fallen warriors. But perhaps they should try to lean a little more every now and then just as they used to. If they can’t.. ¯°•º¤◆¤º°¯ ¯°•º¤◆¤º°¯ ¯°•º¤◆¤º°¯ Like mentioned earlier this is a brand new warrior cats rp server which will be run by myself along with Staff. 💫Currently Looking for💫 > 1 or 2 Staff(admins to help run the server plus events). > Active members. > We're a semi literate server. What this means is try to post at least two lines each post. > Suggestions for events eventually.
 > Leader for BrambleClan. > Deputies & Medicine Cats for MossClan, BrambleClan, CreekClan & StoneClan > Warrior Cats fans! If you don’t wish to rp and still want to hang with warrior cat fans you may do so. Please be patient as we try to get off the ground/start up and thank you for reading!
This is a Warrior Cats RP taking place in Ancient Egypt. With in-detail written lore, naming/ranking systems, and religions, this is a completely new world compared to the original series. At the moment, we have lots of high ranking positions open and are looking for moderators with roleplaying experience. - Literate roleplay - Brand new lore, naming/ranking systems, and religions - LGBT+ friendly - 15+ Ages ONLY - Based off of the Warrior Cats Series by Erin Hunter
One Survivor is a Warrior Cat literate roleplay where you make a cat in Craterclan, a single clan against many dangers. What you'll find here: A friendly environment, we welcome everyone! Literate roleplaying with a thick plot A diverse cast of characters
After the island was turned from valley to tall structures touching the sky. Cats here have learned to thrive in this city scape land along the streets. Some working with humans to fight for food, in cage cat fights, others fight with other clans to keep what clean water they have. A world where a cat has to be alert all the time, in such a tough world. Will your character survive?
Light of The Stars, or LoTS, is a Warriors roleplay server! When you first join, you can create up to 2-3 cats and win more slots! It has custom Clans and I, Huskii, owner of LoTS, am trying to bring it back alive~! Thank you if you join, and invite your friends if you enjoy it! <3 I hope to see you there!! - Huskii