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— Welcome! You find your paws tied, which Clan would you choose? ThornClan? Or FlameClan? **Welcome To Separate Scents! Hope You Enjoy It Here! If Have Any Questions, Ask Me! Please Read - #rules Make Your Character At - #thornclan-bios #flameclan-bios #clanless-bios If You Wanna Know More Info About The Clans, Read - fire #about-flameclan ear_of_rice #about-thornclan cloud #origins-of-clans Interested In Roleplay? Great! We want all of our members to be happy in this server! If you wanna know about upcoming events, see here! - #announcements Also, we have mod applications open, see here to apply! - #applications Make your character anytime you want! Chill commuity, we won't rush you! If you want, you may invite friends! Cool by me! https://discord.gg/aa94R5k
A Warrior cats rp server set in Ohio. Join Stoneclan, Brookclan, and Gullclan as they do their best to survive the landscape. And each other.
Greetings, A Chaotic beginning is a blossoming Warrior cats rp server with loads of fun channels! All ranks are open, and we need more members :) We have four clansto choose from ValleyClan GroveClan CaveClan DriftClan And we need help setting up!
🌙Little note🌙: Please do not leave the server the second after joining, it is a problem to many roleplay servers and it gets annoying. If you don't want to roleplay, either be a spectator or do not join at all. Active members are needed to outweigh the bots. Six clans, one tribe, and a whole lot of mysteries. Join the Clans and Tribes in this exciting roleplay. Be a warrior of the fierceful Thunderclan, the quick and agile Windclan, the secretive Shadowclan, the sleek Riverclan, the strong Skyclan, and the new and improved brave Bloodclan. Be a cave guard or prey hunter of the Tribe of Rushing Water! Believe and trust in Starclan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting, but stay clear from the Dark Forest and The Tribe of Dark Skies. Be an Medicine Cat and help heal your clan! Be an Apprentice and train to become a mighty Warrior! Be an Deputy and become the Leader of your clan! ~~~ Peace between the five lake clans has lasted for a long time, but there are still hidden evils within the territories. Up in the mountains, the Tribe of Rushing Water and Bloodclan experience some trouble with strange cats and beings coming into the territory. ~~~ Semi literate/literate/Advanced literate
The Banks is a Warriors roleplay set in a valley, cut in two by a river called The Divide. One clan has lived here for long, to the west of the massive river, though another appears on the horizon. Will conflict spark between these two clans? What will happen when two cultures interact? Find out now by joining us!
Welcome to the clans we are based in the books but it a different far away territory. our clans are called moonclan and sunclan and we hope you have a great time with us!
This server is an lgbt accepting community with a diverse range of territory. There are currently two clans at the moment, but more shall be added. Everyone is welcome here (except art and character thieves) and we hope you join and have fun here.
[This is a warrior cat parody in a way, this will be more fantasy :-) which means differences in ranks, names, and way of life :3] Land: The Royal Pride Lands are vast and complex, the central land is a warm forest area where the cats build their own homes and carry out normal duties Outward is vest dense forest that later hits wetland, that follows into highland mountains and then endless grassland that spreads into the unknown. Many dangerous lie here :-)
Welcome to The Gathering! Its a sfw warrior cat roleplay server for everybody! With a limit of eight clans anything can happen! Will you fight for your clan in countless territory battles? Or will you choose to bring a clan up from the bottom fighting for a spot as a clan? You write your own destiny
Three clans living in peace. MarshClan, TimberClan and MoorClan. That is until MoorClan's leader, Starlingstar, gets kidnapped by twolegs. They never tried to save her. Many moons later she's back. With a new identity and a quest for revenge... (Drama, Mystery etc.)
This is a work in progress server, don't join unless you're literate and want to make a clan. four clans, cats that resemble mystic beasts? if you want to be part of this please join! there's a more in-depth explanation if you ask in-server.
A prospering city with 4 clans! Brand new and looking for members to help us grow!