Weird Discord Servers

Silver's Nerdhub is a small but growing community full of kind people(weebs). We are looking for more members to help grow our community even if a little. We provide a growing NSFW section on our server. We have pokecord, gaming channel, and many more!
This is a growing discord server with tons of fun stuff such as fun bots, exciting roles and more! The server is not overwhelming, but very fun!
This is just a random server. join if u are weird. idk
A singing group where you can sing your heart out without any judgments. Feel free to stop by!
Welcome to the stupid server you will love when bored, we have lovable people, but careful they bite!! ENJOY! :D
Heyyo! Want a server that can have all things? Gaming, Friendly people, NSFW, chillin' and joking? Well this is it. We are still growing, and can't wait to have you in our server! 鈽厏(鈼★箯鈼曗溈)
We're a very small server (legit 2 people) T^T and hoping for a growth spurt soon. "Aesthetic" theme and aiming for chill and weird people around the world <o/
This is just a random server to make friends with voice chat and chat with other people and look at memes!