Welcome Discord Servers

Very wonderful community, small but growing! Welcome all members of all race, culture, sexuality etc. Please join and feel the warm cafe welcome you!
A kind server with 10-15 tags. There are lot of ranks, channels. Also there are giveaways! And we have Geometry Dash school!
Ever wanted to work at a school? Find prom dates? Now you can just join here.
Hurro, welcome to the server! hope you enjoy it, we are an accepting community, we are fun noice and kewl lel, we also have role application and applications for staff open rn.
A great server for all gamers that play different or multiple games join for the best time ever! https://discord.gg/DyeCB3t
Welcome To The Astro Space Station! A place to hangout in space!
This is a discord server centered around meeting new people that share interests with you. Any age (manly teen because a lot of us are them). Have fun.
Fun community, no topic server with fun channels and chats
Hey you! Yea you! Do you wanna meet people? Get out of your shell? Maybe even get a life if you lost yours? Well you've come to the RIGHT PLACE! Here you can meet new people to get out of that dusty shell, socialize to stay out of that shell, and maybe even make FRIENDS to get rid of that shell! While out of that maybe check out our bots and check if any events are going on! Tl;dr, here's the summary. Want your LIFE BACK? YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! With EVERYTHING from events, to NSFW, to anything else! The best place is right before your eyes! Join now! ------------------------------------ https://discord.gg/sdnRN5e
A place where everyone is welcome. A place to make new friends. We're all about having a good time here so come on in.