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The seven tribes of Pyrrhia are getting more advanced, and are on the very beginning of an amazing evolution. At least one dragonet from each tribe are enduring these changes, and each tribe within themselves each agreed there was something very wrong with them. Everglade, who is a Mud/Night hybrid, and a genius, knows and understands what it was like to be different, though her reasoning was just because she was a hybrid. She was one of the very few who understood that the tribes' newly hatched dragonets are just the beginning to an entirely different world.
SOME QUEEN SLOTS ARE OPEN. [This takes place thousands of eons after the original main series Wings Of Fire books. This is an alternate reality with no Hivewings or other things of the sort.] After being destroyed eons ago, the Talons Of Peace was remade by a careful reader- expect this time with more.. chaotic intentions. Only after three months did they strike. A single Royal, young female dragonet was taken from every queen on different days, carefully and silently. The plan was for the Talons to raise these dragonets, murder their rivaling siblings, and have total control over Pyrrhia's future dictators. But that was five years ago. The eggs were hatched and the dragonets grew, hidden away from their angry mothers and their tribes. They know not they are princesses, but they are not very happy with their lifestyle, hidden away far underneath a tall mountain where they cannot escape. But now the queens are at war, because their daughters are being murdered, and stolen. Almost no daughters of the royal queens remain- all murdered by skillful dragons. Even after hatching more and more for years, they all seem to die before they can challenge the queen. So the war rages, and nestled far from sight, sound or touch, stay seven dragonets, all unaware of their future, or the war.. IMPORTANT: This is a normal WOF role-play, you can do whatever you want- the story doesn't always revolve around the seven dragonets or the queens. Enjoy yourselves!